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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today with Jenn: Starbucks Exchange

Today i went to starbucks to make an exchange for a skirt that was mis-ordered!   Jenn and I met outside in the beautiful sunshine... we had skirts everywhere.  Jenn chose for her exchange the most popular "Hip Hapnyn" and then purchased a second "BFF Blue."  Thank you!

While we were finsihing up the sale, a mother and daughter got out of their car and asked where they could get one of the skirts.  I smiled as they turned off their running car to come over and look.  April and her daughter bought their first Sweet Spot Skirt from the parking lot at Starbucks... It was a blast.  April, a zoomba teacher,  got a flashy and cool "Far Out" and her daughter, a local high school senior, bought the "Blue Lagoon."  I couldn't have been prouder! 

I am so excited about the next 6 months of travel and sales.  Please let me know if Sweet Spot Skirts can make a showing at your local run, ride or gathering!  We would be honored! 
360-904-9929 or email Stephanie@SweetSpotSkirts.com