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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Sweet Spot Skirt named “jungle love”


Today I was inspired by Jen on the Edge one of my favorite bloggers/writers and an avid loyal supporter of Sweet Spot Skirts!  She posted a 10 mile run.  This inspired me… so I took “jungle love”  along with my trusty companion… “Bella” on a 4.5 mile run.  I don’t think you will ever see me posting 10 miles… :)

What you will notice is my new favorite shoes:  Not normally a Nike fan… but these are Gore-Tex and amazingly comfy….  bought them (on sale) at Road Runner Sports along with a really nice sports bra (thanks PAT)!  The tights about 19 years old:  from 1993 when I used to run with Miss Tisa.  The old brand is IN SPORT,  not sure if they are still around but boy have they lasted.  The jacket is a six year old waterproof Marmot, and it really is totally waterproof.  Obnoxious Salmon color but totally rocks.  It was on sale for half off and then half off… so I splurged.  Strangely enough I didn’t run in my famous Sweet Spot Skirt Beanie…. I wore the 6 year old butterfly hat…an oldie but goodie!  The outfit in itself is old, trusty and a bit worn out! 

However, when you add the Sweet Spot Skirt “jungle love” with its leopard print, wild salmon hues and bright red flowers.  You get fantastic…. women were looking from their cars as if to say… “I want a skirt like that!”  Men…. well they were just being men with a smile and a nod.  


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“Releasing my Inner Warrior with a 4.5 mile run,


Monday, January 2, 2012

“Sweet Sammie”- first skirt of the year!

Today is a great day…. we will be offering the “Sweet Sammie” a skirt designed with thought and reason for the Tinkerbell Run this January!
We received this request via email!   “We would like two matching Minnie Mouse style skirts with the fun tulle attachment for the back. Red and white polka dot is usually what Minnie has on her dress. We are running in Sammie's memory as she lost her sweet little life at just 12 years old to cancer.”   I was thrilled to do this as a gesture of support.  Let me introduce you to Sammie!
570605650 (2)
and now in fond memory of this young lady….
the “Sweet Sammie”  which ironically is the name she had acquired!
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We will add the tulle with a snap on snap off feature and this skirt will be ready to run!!!!  Will be on the website this week… get your order in… we will ship them by the 15th of January.  Can be ordered with tulle for $79 (free shipping) or without tulle for $69 (free shipping)…..
In memory of Sammie!