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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I forgot my bathing suit….and then this happened!

Arriving for a two day stay in McCall Idaho was such a treat… the RV Resort that I choose was amazing http://www.g7rvresorts.com/mccall-rv-resort/index.aspx.

photo 2

With a amenities and clubhouse like this…. I couldn’t help but get into the pool, Jacuzzi, and steam room.  However, I forgot my bathing suit!   Most women know the pain that you go through to find a swim suit that has coverage and style, I can remember weeks of shopping it was horrible.  After four hours of work and a sense of brave energy, I headed into the town of McCall Idaho…with Payette Lake filling the center of town I was hopeful!


First stop was Home Town Sports, http://home-town-sports.com/ they were in between seasons…. shutting down the ski and winter clothes.  While I walked around this cute store, I noticed they carried everything I owned…..I found four pair of my shoes, my new UA tank top, it was wonderful.  I felt like it was a store of my favorite things. 

I spotted a wonderful jacket with 3/4 length sleeves… it goes with my Sunday pants.  ****sidenote*****  Since going full time Sweet Spot Skirts, I have ceased to wear anything but skirts.  You know Coco Chanel refused to wear anything except her own line!  LOL I guess imitation is the biggest form of flattery!  On Sunday I wear a wonderful pair of comfy pants from Athleta and I don’t wear a skirt.  Now I have a wonderful pink Sunday jacket made by Soybu.http://www.soybu.com/jackets-pullovers/tina-hoody!

I also found a swimsuit that fits like it was made for me!  During this shopping spree I said to the salesperson, “your store is perfect for me… I own half of the items in here and I have found two much more I could buy.”  Tricia (the salesperson) said, “and your skirt is so cute!” ( I had on the 2010 version called “the MIX” see below)   I said, “about that….I didn’t plan on selling you skirts when I came in… really just needed a bathing suit….but since you asked…then the story began!


Long story short…. Home Town Sports will now be carrying Sweet Spot Skirts this June!  Hey Sweet Spot Family go show them some love on their facebook page! 

like this page!! https://www.facebook.com/Home.Town.Sports

Sometimes in this business, things just happen for a reason!

Looking forward to lunch with a Boise Sweet Spot Skirt wearer!  Stay tuned for more adventure.

Sweet Shenna Quilts continue to provide comfort!

Thanks to Cousin Jean, we have produced another “Sweet Shenna” Quilt.  These quilts have very special meaning to me!  I lost my mother at age 12 to breast cancer.  She was only 36.  With all the scraps from our skirts, we create wonderful quilts that are given to charities and special friends of Sweet Spot Skirts.
Here is the link to that blog:  http://sweetspotskirts.blogspot.com/2011/12/sweet-spot-scrappy-quilts.html
We save the pink scraps for our “Sweet Shenna” lap quilts and pillows.  My mother’s name was Sharon and my father nick-named her “Shenna.”  Our first Sweet Shenna quilt went to a wonderful woman, Ursula Medanich, who had just gone through a double mastectomy (and might I add she has completely recovered and is cancer free!!!).  Sweet Shenna #2 was donated to Doernbechers Children’s Hospital fund raiser.  Sweet Shenna #3 was lovingly given to Sharon who is currently battling the ugly disease of cancer.  Our hope is that during her battle and healing, she finds hope and comfort with our gift!
Sharon and Sweet Shenna #3:  photo

Sweet Shenna #4 is here and we are looking for a recipient!  If you know of someone battling this horrible disease, please send the story with info and address to info@sweetspotskirts.com
Thank you for your continued support and purchases!  The more we sell the more scraps we have and the more lives we can comfort.