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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Christmas Party

Happy Holidays from Sweet Spot® Skirts
"Chaotic Poetry"

I am very fortunate to have such an amazing staff.  I go to great lengths to tell them daily how much I appreciate their hard work, creativity and loyalty.  This year I wanted to do something in the theme of FUN, which is what our company is all about.   (Read our Story)   Sit back and relax, I have things to say!   We met yesterday at our signature retail location in Downtown Vancouver.  Five women in skirts, ready for their Christmas Party.  
After a delicious lunch at Cheesecake Factory and a round of gift giving to each other, we headed out into the Washington Square mall.  Our hope was to find a beautiful Christmas tree, huddle around and snap our "Holiday Picture."  (wink wink)  To our dismay, Santa had hijacked the large tree in the middle of the mall for his own picture factory and elf party.  We instead went to Nordstrom and posed with their mannequins.

Such a photogenic group and my ploy to get them unsuspectingly into the mall had worked.  What followed was a reading of the first edition of 'Chaotic Poetry' by Stephanie Lynn.  I actually read this out loud in the middle of the mall, with a glimmer in my eye and a sparkle in my voice, pausing slightly when I got to the loyalty phrase.  An attempt on my part to hold back the tears of pride that overwhelms me, when I think of how much I love and respect these hardworking women.  

Twas nine days before Christmas and all through the mall
people are shopping and having a ball.
Why are we here is the question at hand
is it to look at displays both bright and bland? 

You have worked so hard , through this entire year. 
With only a hug or a thank you and for some a just cold beer.
We have struggled and achieved many a task
Your loyalty and belief was more than I could ever ask. 

Our stockings are hung by your chimney with care, 
In hopes that St. Nick would certainly get there.
While visions for some will be beaches and sunshine
Fun on the boat, swimming and fancy clothes to dine. 

Today has some rules, and let me tell you they matter. 
I am sure that this team will rise with a clatter. 

Rule number one, it is all about you. 
Rule number two, it is not time to be a shrew. 
Rule number three begins the show
open your envelope and count your dough.

You have but 60 minutes to spend this loot
if you don’t I get it back... with interest to boot! 

Good luck on your shopping please remember the rules
spend only on you... please not any tools. 

Last thing that I ask before you begin this adventure today
You need to bring pictures of the purchases in play.
Document your journey for all to see 
and a very Merry Christmas for YOU.... from me. 

When they opened their highly decorated envelope, they found 4 crisp 100$ bills and the task of spending it all on themselves in ONE HOUR!  What followed was mayhem…hugs and surprise, smiles and laughter.  Each had a difficult time honing in on what would be the best purchase.  One went right for the shoes, three pair and they were done in 37 minutes with time to spare.   At that same moment, one manager had bought nothing and with 23 minutes left, almost found herself sitting down in the middle of Nordstrom on the verge of Hari Kari.   The next text read for an additional 15 minutes, please forward a picture of something you bought.  LOL the pics were great.   


In true Sweet Spot® Skirt spirit, the team came to the help of those struggling with the task!  We were victorious and everyone had a blast.

"I have never and I mean never owned a pair of diamonds!"  
~ she bought herself diamond earrings!

"I can run a three day event, sleep only 4 hours a night, stay on top of countless tasks…. but when it comes to spending $400…that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do! "
~but she did it!

During show and tell, one manager pulled out her new Michael Kors purse as her body shivered with excitement.  Hands were shaking as the deadline was completed but the rush of adrenaline was still flowing.  Our "Sweet Spot way" can sometimes be a bit chaotic, this activity did not disappoint.  It was pure pandemonium, super fun, overwhelmingly emotional and yet each manager completed it, thrilled with their extravagant purchases.  This was the best gift that I have ever given and one of the reasons I wanted to own my own company….so I can do things like this.   Just wait, what happens if I ever have "BIG" money!  LOL 

Part two was much more calm.  We went to Papa Hayden's in Northwest Portland OR, for a yummy dessert and tea.  Each manager received a thank you poem for their hard work and efforts over the last year.  I share these with you all, so that you can join me in celebration and admiration of the Sweet Spot®Skirt management team.  We are family.  Family is so important to me.  

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
You are the best store manager 
Oh it is so true.

Your favorite skirt is orange
with pumpkins and candy
Thank goodness Halloween 
comes only once that’s dandy! 

Your attitude is cheery 
and smile so bright. 
Ready for anything 
day or night! 

Thank you for all
the fun things you do. 
The store looks great
Even with so many skirts on your plate?

This season we celebrate
one child’s great birth.
Merry Christmas to you

From Heaven to earth. 

Roses are Red
Your skirt is blue
From shipping to accounting 
You stick to it like glue.
Wonder Woman by day
wonder Mom by night
Keeping it all together 
with a face so bright.

Sewing, packing 
or finding the tracking
Your versatile skills are amazing
Firing through tasks with your heels a blazing. 

We love your notes 
even with out the fluff
You get things done
and are oh so tough! 

On this day there is nothing to do
Just enjoy a Merry Christmas 
and know how much I appreciate you! 

 Roses are Red
Your car is Green
Smart and talented 
and ever so keen.

A traveling partner,
with ideas that are fun
you even slow down
when you make me run! 

Marketing Director 
is your job title
Your role to this company 
is lifeline vital. 

Even though we miss 
having you in the store. 
Seattle is a fun town
which we all know you adore. 

with many thanks and love
My wish for you
to have a Merry Merry Christmas
and maybe a cold brew!  

Poinsettias are Red
Snowflakes are white
You love your job
and your future is bright

From jackets to skirts
panties and more
You were running 
the minute your feet hit the floor. 

Creativity and calm 
is what you bring to the table
Inventory is your talent
and you are willing and able. 

Thank you for joining 
our fabulous team
You help us to complete
our Sweet Spot Dream

I can’t help but say twice
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
You are wonderful and nice! 

Happy Holidays from Sweet Spot® Skirts!
"We love smiling!" 
Much love and Happiness in 2014, 
thank you for your support! 
~Stephanie Lynn

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cold Weather Hiking

A quick jaunt up Multnomah Falls on a beautiful sunny day admist gorgeous ice creatures brings the need for warm gear.  Loving the new Trail Scarf decorating my neck, while providing warmth and wind protection.  The sunglasses held tight to my head without giving me a headache or indenting my skull.   With super warm tights, I threw on a Sweet Spot Skirt for just the right amount of 'flirtyness' for hiking!  My dog Bella loves the outdoors and enjoyed the hike using a few moves that would leave ice skaters amazed.  We made it about 4.5 miles round trip, until the patchy skating rinks forced us to turn back to safer ground.  Even in the bitter cold this hike was worth it.
Such a beautiful day and branches were heavy under the weight of the ice.  

Trail Scarf, Sunglasses and SSS Beanie!

Just the right amount of flirty and practical.

Frozen falls are incredible.

Multnomah Falls Frozen!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Our Models at the Couve Couture debuting the Skirt Wars skirts

Here at Sweet Spot® Skirts, each of us in the "Fabulous Five" wear numerous hats on a daily basis.  We are used to helping each other out and getting things done (even if it's something we've never done before!)  In an attempt for each manager to learn the entire process from skirt conception to final production, we created SKIRT WARS!  Oh, and do we need to mention that we love to have fun while we're working?

Each manager has gone through a diligent process including sourcing and selecting material, cost analysis, organizing production with our sew-at-home seamstresses and marketing ideas.  The different departments have assisted when needed.  Each person has been very forthcoming with assistance, while still maintaining a healthy level of competition.  The skirts that each of us has created are available as a limited run and we're thinking you're going to love them!

Some of the ways for us to win (i.e. we need YOUR help!):

The skirt with the most likes/votes (Facebook album coming soon, please like and share your favorites!  Visit our Instagram and Pinterest pages, as liking these photos count too!)
The skirt that sells the best will also win in a category!

Stay tuned for blog entries of why we each think our skirt is the best, and why we picked what we did!
More info to come...

Let the Skirt War begin!  Thanks for your participation,
The Sweet Spot® Skirts Team

Monday, November 25, 2013

Feeling Grateful at Sweet Spot Skirts

 We recently had our annual Sweet Spot Skirts work retreat at Stephanie's beach house.  With daily life getting so busy at times, it is nice to connect together as a team over goal setting, budgeting, and brainstorming about how we can continue to serve our amazing customers.  During the marketing session, Samara asked everyone to write down what Sweet Spot Skirts means to them in a series of words.  Here is what we came up with: 
We each feel so fortunate to be working for a company that supports local women, and encourages us to stretch and develop our skills while truly feeling that our work matters.  We are very grateful for the support we've received and continue to receive with all of you:  our valued customers.  Thank you for helping spread the word, sharing inspirational stories and for every kind comment or suggestion.  Trust us, this means the world to us!  We wish you all a safe and happy holiday with family and friends.  The Sweet Spot Skirts store will be closed on Thanksgiving, so that we can appreciate our families.  We will be open as usual on Friday from 10am-6pm.

The Sweet Spot Skirt Team
Dianna, Mary, Nicole, Samara and Stephanie

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sweet Shenna Quilt #6- Cousin Love


Ranae, on right, is Stephanie's cousin and the recipient of our most recent Sweet Shenna Quilt (#6).  She lives in Montana with her husband Doug, an ER Doctor, and their two sons.  Ranae is going through chemo right now and is about to lose her hair.  Cousin Jean organizes the quilt making with all of our skirt scraps and made this beautiful quilt to offer Ranae some comfort as she goes through this battle.  The entire Sweet Spot Skirt team is sending positive thoughts through this trying time!  

On the left of this picture is Cousin Dana, the talented artist who painted our building in Vancouver, WA and came up with our Sweet Spot Skirt girl, Sarahn Dippity (pictured below).  Stephanie feels fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful and caring family.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Raffle: Win this Sweet Spot Skirt Quilt and Pillow!

Help Raise Money and Enter to Win this One of a Kind Quilt and Pillow!
In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, our latest Sweet Shenna Quilt will be raffled off to one lucky winner. All money raised goes to a charity supporting the fight against breast cancer.  The winner is also able to select which charity will receive the donation!  This quilt makes a perfect gift for someone who needs a little extra TLC in their life.

Dimensions:  Lap Quilt 48x52, Pillow 18x18
Tickets: Purchase Online or at the Vancouver store
Winner:  To be announced Nov. 8.  
  • Receive the quilt and pillow to keep or gift to someone special
  • Select related charity for all raffle money raised
  • Option to be featured on our blog and Facebook page with your story (or someone close to you) and the fight against cancer 

Background:  Since the company began 3 years ago, we have kept all skirt scraps and sent them to a quilting group in Wyoming.  These quilts are donated to many different local charities.  Fighting cancer is a cause dear to our hearts, as Stephanie lost her mom to breast cancer when she was 12 years old.  Her mother, Sharon Allan, was only 36.  Sharon’s nickname was “Shenna,” and in memory of her, Stephanie began a “Sweet Shenna” line of lap quilts and matching pillows from pink Sweet Spot® Skirt quilts. We have the lucky job of giving them to amazing women across the country who are battling cancer.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sharing the Skirt Love

While cleaning her jewelry at her local favorite Rand Jeweler in Vancouver, Stephanie met Dana.  Of course, she couldn't resist snapping off her skirt and trying it on this stylish fashionista.  Imagine Steph's surprise that Dana is 71 years old (she was guessing 50's!) Just another day of sharing the skirt love and making new friends!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We've watched so many girls come up to our booth at events, starry-eyed and in awe of all the colorful fabrics.  Yep, we love color (especially pink!) here at Sweet Spot® Skirts.  Parents started asking if we had any skirts in their daughters' size.  Of course we couldn't say no!  We now have an entire line for Tots to Teens, and can do custom skirts in any fabric that we have stock in.  We've had several mom-daughter matching combos, which we aptly named "Mommy and Me." Some of the popular features:

  • Reversible, allowing for creativity with 2 outfit options
  • A perfect addition to a leggings and boots outfit, providing a bit more coverage and allowing her to be active and comfortable (and oh so cute, in our opinion!)
  • Grows with her (the snaps make it adjustable)
  • Makes a great gift, as the size doesn't have to be exact
Browse the Tots to Teens Collection, and feel free to email us at info@sweetspotskirts.com to create any custom or matching skirt combos.  Best of luck as we enter into another school year after a fabulous summer!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bike Touring in a Sweet Spot® Skirt

We received this email this morning and absolutely LOVED the picture!  Great job on the tour, Erica!

Hey sweet spot folks,
  My boyfriend snapped this photo of me on a recent bike tour from Utah-Oregon. It was taken on a cloudy morning in Dinosaur National Monument (the Utah side), and just thought the colors were too great not to pass along! The skirt was a fantastic item to have bike touring, since I could slip it on and off very quickly and easily. Thanks for making such great products!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet Spot® Skirts Vancouver USA Marathon

16 weeks of training
4 new Fast 'N Flirty skirts
2 Record distances (Stephanie and Kristina's first ever half marathon)
2 Boston Qualifying times
22 Sweet Spot® Skirt sightings during the run!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Vancouver USA Marathon Contest Winner

Thank you to all of our participants in the Vancouver USA Marathon Contest.  Our grand prize winner won an entry to their choice of the full, half or 5K run this weekend, as well as an $100 shopping spree at the Sweet Spot Skirt store.  Runners-up won an entry and a $10 coupon to the store.

Grand Prize Winner:
Cristy Elzinga

"Photo is My Mother in Law Beth, Sister in Law Katie, and myself at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Boise May 2013.
Beth is wearing a custom SSS with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on it. She is a Cancer Survivor and I had the privilege of running the race with her this year in the Fast n Flirty SSS that she gave me for Christmas. We had a wonderful time and I heard many people compliment both of us. This was the first Sweet Spot Skirt I have ever owned and I can't wait to get another one.
Thank you so much for such a great product that many generations can enjoy. I can't wait until my daughter is big enough to fit into one!"

Jenn Scott
Sharon Peerenboom
Susan Oman

Thanks again, and hope to see you all out on the course!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Italian Travels in a Sweet Spot Skirt

"Hi There-  I saw one of your skirts on a friend of mine and decided to visit your Vancouver store and buy.  The word got out and two friends bought skirts to take on a bike/barge trip last summer in Italy.  We really enjoyed our photo session, compliments of our husbands and hope you enjoy the resulting pics"
- Susan

Sounds like an incredible trip, Susan!  And quite a bit of fun antics along the way!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trail-A-Skirt: Happy Fan

Laura, a happy SSS fan, shared the following:

Hi Sweet Spot Skirts,

Here's a pic of me and my 3-yr old daughter (attached to me with the trail-a-bike!) each sporting our own skirt. Well, Georgia is actually wearing a dress but when you're 3 you get away with that. I wear my skirt for my bike commute to work as well as for errands, picking up kids at school, hiking, camping etc. Since I'm either gaining or losing 5-8lbs of bonus weight on a fairly regular basis (I blame my daughters for that) the snaps are perfect. I love how it always fits no matter what.
I get lots of compliments on the design and I tell everyone about it - where it comes from, who makes it, why it's so great. Thanks for such a perfect, fun product. 


**Win an entry to the Vancouver USA Freedom 5K, Half Marathon or Full!  Send us a pic of you in your skirt and a story of your Sweet Spot Skirt in action and you could win:
  • A Free Entry to an event at the Vancouver USA Marathon June 15-16th + an $100 shopping spree at the SSS store (limited to stock on hand)
  • *Must not be signed up already for the VUM*
  • If coming from over 500 miles away, receive a $75 Hilton Vancouver voucher to stay
  • Send to info@sweetspotskirts.com

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vancouver Marathon Contest

**Win an entry to the Vancouver USA Freedom 5K, Half Marathon or Full!  Send us a pic of you in your skirt and a story of your Sweet Spot Skirt in action and you could win:
  • A Free Entry to an event at the Vancouver USA Marathon June 15-16th + an $100 shopping spree at the SSS store (limited to stock on hand)
  • *Must not be signed up already for the VUM*
  • If coming from over 500 miles away, receive a $75 Hilton Vancouver voucher to stay
  • Send to info@sweetspotskirts.com

Sharon's email to Sweet Spot Skirts:
"After I picked up my Rock ‘n Roll race packet, my friend and I stopped by your store.  Boy, was that fun!  I have some really cool new skirts! 
Also, I wanted to tell you that I wore my Jaguar skirt.  It’s the first time I have worn a skirt in a run, and I achieved the goal I have been working on for 2 ½ years!  I was both happy and stylish.  I can’t say that I think the result was totally because of your skirt, but let’s give it some credit.  The people in the picture on either side of me are both much faster runners.  Until today, I have never even come close to their times, but today I beat them!  Yay!

Also, when I was waiting in line at Starbucks to use the restroom (beats the Port-a-Potties any day of the week), the gal in front of me in line admired my skirt.  She is from Florida and flying back tomorrow, but I gave her the name of your company so she can check out your web site. 
What a fun day:  wearing a cute skirt and reaching a goal that has eluded me for way too long!  If you look out your window and see a cloud with the number “9” on it, that is me dancing on it (wearing my fast and flirty skirt, of course)!
PS – and this is coming from someone who was never a running skirt person!  Until now… 

Way to Go, Sharon!  Congrats on your running accomplishments!  We always claimed the Fast 'N Flirty skirts make us run faster...now we may have some proof :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Spot Skirts in Action

This email made our day:

My name is Patti Kaminski. I bought my 3rd Sweet Spot skirt in a year at the bloomsday trade show and...I have attached a few pictures of my sister and myself I’m the cutest one haha really I’m larger than my(older) sister hehe.

I love, love ,love all 3 of my skirts which is really 6!!!! It is becoming a tradition for my sister and me to buy a Sweet Spot Skirt at the Bloomsday trade show. I’m a woman from Southern California in my 50’s that has recently lost 110 lbs. I work out almost every day. I long distance hill walk and work out at the gym so I wear a Sweet Spot skirt every day. They are so girly and feminine and super comfortable I don’t work out without wearing one. One of the things I like is they are so cute you can wear them after you workout to run errands and still look stylish ( you never know who you will run into).

When you are working out you feel more comfortable knowing that your Sweet Spot is not out there for all to see! SWEET!!! They always fit! Even as I was losing weight I would get excited when I could snap it tighter. It’s nice to have something that is adjustable when you are losing weight instead of having to buy new work out gear. They hold up so well. I wash mine a couple of times a week and they still look new. I love them and thank you for making them...Hope to hear from you soon take care and thanks again for Sweet Spot Skirts, 
God bless, Patti

Thanks for sharing, Patti!  You are an inspiration and the very reason we do what we do!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New Addition to the Sweet Spot Family!

We at Sweet Spot® Skirts pride ourselves in having the best customer service in the country!  It takes a lot to impress me, knowing our standard of care!  Well, here is a tale of Amazing Customer Service, which also brings our new addition to the Sweet Spot Family!  

Our beloved Dodge truck “Black Beauty” has been the driving force of our event travels for the last 4 years.  After she turned 180,000, I was forced to turn her out to pasture and buy a new truck.  Our search started with two or three very nice dealers in Montana, but nobody had “the truck” that I wanted:  A Ford 150 XLT with nothing fancy added.  The thing that made it difficult to find was bucket seats and a console.  Much better for travel and we NEVER put three people in front, so we didn’t need the full bench.  Jay, at Archie Cochrane was a fantastic sales person and so was Eric from Bitteroot Ford in Missoula!  They just didn’t have this special truck.  
Black Beauty on her last ride... she is fixed now and going to a good home!
           On a whim, after a long day of truck shopping and errands, I pulled into Laurel Ford on my way home.  I thought to myself that this was going to be a ‘needle in a haystack’ to find a Tuxedo Black, short bed, gorgeous half ton pick up, with a back up camera and nothing else fancy.  Many car salesmen sorta creep me out, and Eric and Jay were so great I didn’t want to push my luck.   I started walking the lot to see if they had what I wanted.  Out of the big large cabin, a salesman named Bob appeared.  With a quick glance, I noticed his bright smile and bright white hair and I immediately felt comfortable (as a matter of fact he is an exact look-a-like for an old college coaching buddy of mine: Bobby Cremmins).  I told him what I was looking for and he calmly walked me over to not only one, but two of the exact trucks I wanted.  One was long bed and one was short bed!  Great product ordering Laurel Ford!  

Long story short:  Test drive, Paperwork, Keys were in my hand by 9:00 p.m. 
The new Sweet Spot® Skirt truck!

Now what I want to explain is the service you get when shopping at Laurel Ford.  I didn’t know their “Straight to the Point Pricing” until after I tried to “dicker” with the price and Bob said with a smile, “oh no the price listed is the price.”    I said, “seriously, you won’t come down anymore?”  Bob with a confident smile just shook his head as if to say ‘that is correct!’  I had shopped so many dealerships, I knew that this was within 200$ of the perfect price.  So, of course I bought it. 

When anyone purchases a vehicle from Laurel Ford, they hand you your keys while they play the song “It’s a Small World.”  Everyone in the company comes in a line and thanks you for your business.  It is so much fun!  I had the pleasure of watching  a young couple with 2 kids get their new Ford Truck keys and it was smiles all around with the much noted Disney song blaring in the background.  

Disney does represent the happiest place on earth.  The Laurel Ford large log cabin, which they use as an office, looks more like a clubhouse you would find on a championship golf course.  It is beautiful, and inside you find fresh baked cookies, a gorgeous waiting room, with a full blown kitchen and floor-to-ceiling fireplace.  You help yourself to anything in the stocked fridge to drink and free internet to boot!  They sell vehicles there... but it is obvious in just a short time of hanging around the dealership, that they are about taking care of people FIRST!  

Self portrait of Bob and I 
Bob, my salesman, has a fabulous sense of humor and two of his sons live in Portland, OR (great conversation).  During the transaction, he introduced me to some of the others in the dealership.  Never was there that awkward silence, when they are handing you off to yet another person to try and “seal the deal.”  We just visited like family and then the truck was mine!  So comforting!  I came back by the next day to pick up my old Dodge, and Bob had my new truck washed and detailed again, as I was worried about some water spots that were crystalizing on the paint.  Everyone stopped by and made small chat, I drank a cold pepsi and ate hot chocolate chip cookies.  I may stop by everyday so that I can eat their cookies and drink their pop.  I just really like it there. 
My favorite of course, BOB!
Need a truck?  Call BOB!

Chris, Connie, Bob
The general manager, usually a guy sitting in a big desk somewhere, was actually at the front desk counter and worked hard at 8:30 at night to get my financing where I wanted it.  Then he shot a quick email to his daughter, who also lives in Portland, and offered to buy her a skirt from Sweet Spot® Skirts!  Chris is full of good stories and really loves the environment he and the others have created at Laurel Ford.  

Russ detailed my truck twice!

Connie, the Finance Manager, had my paperwork in a flash.  I also got to see pictures of her new horse, what a beauty!  I am sure all three of these missed dinner with their loved ones that night, and they didn’t seem to mind at all.  The purchase of my new truck, which means the growth of our wonderful little company, was the only thing on their mind...and that felt good.  
As Sweet Spot® Skirts travels the country in our new Tuxedo Black XLT, we will share our experience with Laurel Ford, knowing it matters to them.   Built Ford tough and MADE IN AMERICA!  P.S.  my absolute favorite thing on the new truck is the small video that plays in the dash as you start the engine.  You gotta test drive one just to see that! 

Right at home where it belongs! 
Serendipitously, we found the perfect truck, at the perfect dealer, with the perfect crew to get the job done!  It still amazes me how things really just work out for Sweet Spot® Skirts!  Thank you Laurel Ford, for your commitment to excellence and amazing customer service which epitomize our own desires as a company!   

Thank you Laurel Ford!  
Stephanie Lynn 
Sweet Spot® Skirts

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"I put the 'Kristina' in Kristina 8K"

"Throughout my life I've pictured myself as a lot of different things, but never once did I picture myself as a spokesperson for anything. If I had let my imagination wonder in that direction, I might have imagined myself as the spokesperson for a chocolate company, or perhaps a shoe company (high heels, not running), but never ever would I have imagined being the spokesperson for a fitness/weight loss challenge. Yet, here I am, Kristina of the Kristina 8K!

The response to the Kristina 8K has been amazing and I have been completely overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I've received from so many women who I don't even know! I look forward to meeting you all on June 26th and thanking you personally, but for now a written thank you will have to do: Thank you to everyone who signed up for my event and encouraged your girlfriends to sign up, and thank you for the support you have given me in doing so!!

By April 1st I had lost 50 pounds, and weighed 183 lbs, but I had completely plateaued. Despite running 4 times a week and watching what I was eating, I could not manage to move a pound! So Stephanie (owner of Sweet Spot Skirts) and I challenged each other to lose 8 pounds before the Kristina 8K, and so the 8K Challenge was born. Stephanie and I have spent a lot of time over the past month talking about food and exercise, and she came up with a low carb/high protein plan to help jump start my metabolism again.  I am happy to report that as of May 1st, I have lost an additional 4.4 pounds, dropping my weight to 178.6! If you would like to join the 8K Challenge, I would love to hear from you! You don't have to commit to 8lbs, it can be any amount you choose, just set a goal and we'll work on it together, supporting and encouraging each other as we go.

Please don't read too much into my words; I am NOT a weight loss guru, I hold no easy secrets to success, I'm just a mom who was unhappy with her reflection in the mirror and the numbers on the scale and decided to change. In making these changes, I have learned a lot about myself, and I want to share with you one of the most surprising things I've discovered: for the longest time I had been focused on my weight and on the numbers I was seeing when I stepped on the scale. As I started to lose weight, my focus changed, and suddenly the numbers didn't really matter. It didn't matter if I lost one pound in a week or five, what mattered was that at the end of the day, I knew I was doing something to better myself and my family. I knew I was setting a good example for my beautiful daughter who unfortunately will grow up in a society that puts way too much focus on how women look. As I obsessed less about numbers I was able to focus more on the important things in my life, like the fact that my butt could finally go down the slide at the park with my daughter and not get stuck halfway down! Weight is just a number, 'healthy' is a lifestyle, and one worth embracing!!!"


Note:  The Vancouver event is full, but limited spots still remain for the Seattle location.  Find info here and read more about Kristina's story.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Day in the Life of: A Superhero Spotlight

Text Message Conversation

Dianna, Shop Manager, Sun 9pm: "Panic mode.  Need more skirts ASAP!  Can you sew some for a pickup on Thursday please?"

Kristina, Seamstress, Sun 9:15pm: "If my life was a comic book....when I get a panic mode text message from you requesting as many skirts as possible as soon as possible, a big SSS spotlight would shine in the sky over my house (like the bat signal) and red lights would start flashing on my sewing machine and I would jump into my closet and pop out wearing the comic book words skirt I dreamed up on my 6 mile run and my cape with a sticky note on the back that says SS for Super Seamer, and I would sew at lightening speed! Since my life is NOT a comic book...I think I'll be able to make 12 more skirts between now and Thursday."

What fun we have here at Sweet Spot Skirts!  Kristina is a stay at home mom who has been sewing for us for over a year.  SSS has just hired several new seamstresses to help with production.  We are so happy to be able to keep our skirts made in the USA and provide women with opportunities to sew from home.  May the adventures continue!  And here's to all the superhero women we meet who balance their busy lives with family, work, exercise, friends...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meet Kristina and Join the Kristina 8K

Kristina is a hilarious woman with a sunny disposition that loves crafting.  She is mother to 4-year old Sophia, and her days are spent taking care of the cute redhead.  At night, after Sophia is in bed, Kristina is hard at work sewing skirts for Sweet Spot® Skirts.  She is about to turn 32 and has been married for 12 years.  Her husband works to pay the bills and she works to pay for the fun along with filling in any gaps if needed in the monthly income.

Last August, Kristina weighed 232 pounds and felt self-conscious wearing the skirts she was sewing.  More importantly, she was frustrated that she couldn’t go down the slide at the playground with her daughter.  She didn’t want her daughter to grow up being ashamed of her.  She also wanted to lead by healthy example, instead of just telling her daughter to eat healthy (while actually eating junk food herself).  

Kristina decided to make a change.  She planted a garden and started walking several times a week.  By November, she kicked it up a notch and ran her first complete mile.  Now, Kristina runs 3 times a week and walks most of the other days.   She has walked several races in the past, but ran the entirety without stopping at the Shamrock 8k in Portland.  Prior to that race, she had a bad bout with shin splints and almost wasn’t able to make the run.  We are pleased to announce she did it and beat her goal time of 55 min with a time of 53:05!!!

It’s also been important to her to encourage others with their healthy lifestyles.  Kristina’s friend has a daughter that was struggling with her weight, and the two of them have begun to work out together.  Kristina has created a plan that started with 2 min walk/run intervals, and has progressed to 4 min run intervals!  

Thus came about the inspiration for the Kristina 8K event on June 26, 2013.  It is a Fun Run supporting women on their fitness journeys.  Participants receive a brand new running outfit (consisting of a logoed cute tech shirt and a matching never-before-released Fast ‘N Flirty SSS running skirt).  We encourage all participants to wear these outfits during the run to band together and show support for not only Kristina, but the other participants' fitness journeys.  Of course, there will be a celebration afterwards at the SSS store in Vancouver, WA.
More info.

Join the Challenge
As of April 1st, Kristina weighed 183 pounds and has pledged to lose 8 more pounds by the day of the “Kristina 8K” event.  She invites you to join the 8K challenge as well, and send your picture and stats to kristina@sweetspotskirts.com.  She will help track your progress weekly, blogging the experience and offering encouragement!  Prizes will go to selected participants.

She would love to hear your story and receive an update each Friday:
  • tell her how you did during the week, how you're feeling about the challenge, if you're having any struggles, and/or your weight.  All comments are encouraged!  

"I think (I'm hoping!!) this will be a really great opportunity for women to support each other as well as have a "safe" place to brag about accomplishments. When I first started losing weight and trying to get healthier, I didn't really talk about it with my friends or anyone because I just figured no one wants to listen to a fat girl complain about being fat, but I think it really would have helped me to have someone I could talk to without fear of being judged. I'm really excited about the challenge and about the race itself!!" 
~ Kristina

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SSS Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Sweet Spot Skirts Photo Contest winners!  Thank you to everyone who participated.  We received such an array of creative shots, ranging from travel shots to athletic feats, to just plain cute.  Due to the amazing entries, it took some time for the judges to make their selections...but now, let me introduce the 2012 winners:

Grand Prize:  Tracy Cavanagh
“I was recently in Suzhou, China where I borrowed a bike from the hotel and took it for a spin. I thought you might like a picture of one of your skirts in China! I love this skirt.”     -Tracy   
*Tracy will receive a hand-selected skirt each quarter for the next year 

1st Place:  Janine Fraser
“My ‘Diamonds’ took me to the finish line of Ironman Canada!”    -Janine

*Janine will receive an outfit of a Sweet Spot Skirt with one of our favorite Run Pretty Far shirts

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
 "On a ferry from Passua, Germany at the confluence of the Danube, Ilz and Inn Rivers." -Wendy Seay, Lauri Morris and Kim Donovan on a bike trip from Prague to Vienna with VBT
"Yesterday when I was hiking, I asked a guy coming up the mountain if I was on the right trail (as in which trail head was i heading towards) and he said that I had passed him on the way up because he remembered my awesome skirt, and that yes, I was headed back in the right direction." -Lynne Johnson Nelson at Mt. Elbert by Leadville, CO (elevation 14,433 ft.)

"Surrender the Booty in Sydney, Australia, across the water from the famous opera house" -Jennifer Brecht 

"Have to say, loved wearing my SSS’s at Disneyland.  SO comfortable!" -Kristen Harris 

*Each of the women in the honorable mentions will receive a $10 coupon to use on any purchase at Sweet Spot Skirts online or at our flagship store

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