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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Holiday Shop at SSS

We are in the middle of the wonderful (but sometimes stressful) hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Here at Sweet Spot Skirts, we are busy as ever and excited to announce new products as we head into our 4th year of business.  The countdown to Christmas has arrived...so in case you need another reason to shop "flirty and practical" athletic apparel, here are the top 5 reasons to let us help you get some holiday shopping done:
  1. Our athletic skirts make great gifts.  With adjustable sizing (the Sport size fits women sizes 2-14), you don't have to know her exact size. And since they are reversible, you are really giving 2 outfit options!  
  2. We are completely Made in the USA.  Shop small and support local business.  We love knowing exactly where our products are coming from, forming relationships with the people involved and supporting the local community.
  3. After many requests, we are excited to finally announce our new Girls' Line Tots to Teens.  These make a great gift for that special (and growing) girl in your life.  Still adjustable and reversible in fun patterns.  
  4. Having a hard time deciding?  We now offer gift certificates, so she can pick out her pattern herself.  Easy to buy online in any denomination desired.
  5. Looking for a specifically running skirt?  Look no further, as our Fast 'n Flirty has arrived, made out of a nylon/spandex fabric, adjustable sizing, elastic back and silicone on the inner band to keep it in place.  Still goes over your favorite running tights and a great addition to your friend's (or your?) running wardrobe.  Many of our customers love running in our traditional athletic skirts, this just provides another super cute option.

We are so grateful for this incredible adventure- thanks for sharing it with us!  Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fitness Frenzy

It's that time of year again- Fitness Frenzy!  Last year was our inaugural year and we had such a blast.  Here at Sweet Spot Skirts, nothing makes us happier than supporting women in their fitness goals and helping them feel better in their clothing and overall health.  We want to help motivate you this fall to get (or keep!) moving.  Starting November 1st, every evening at 7 pm we will post on Facebook what we did for our 30 minutes of exercise that day.  Go ahead and comment on our post to tell us what you did to get moving for a half hour.  For every day that you comment, you will get an entry into our big raffle pot.  On Thanksgiving morning, we will draw names for an entire array of prizes (that you won't want to miss! Of course there will be skirts...)  The more days you participate, the more chances you have to win.  Any kind of movement counts- walking your dog, hitting the gym, training for a race, etc.  Good luck and let's get moving!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What thrills you?

As we head into our third “Holiday Season,” I am taking a moment to look around and see all that we have accomplished since our inception in March 2010. What does it take to jump into a new career and lifestyle with this entrepreneurial endeavor? The thrill of design and creation alone was enough to feed me for months. The suspense at each of our events, waiting to see if the skirts would sell, kept us all on our toes. Behind the scenes... mistakes were made, things got jumbled, deadlines came and deadlines went, my life was forever changing and it was clear I was just along for the ride! As a small company, growing during the worst economic times many of us has experienced, I wanted to create something that would leave a good and positive mark with the world.

With a failed marriage and no children, it was important for me to do something that could possibly be “my legacy." Standing 5’9” with a medium frame, I have always been athletic and waivered between size 12 and 14. (Believe it or not, a size 12/14 qualifies me to be a plus size model.) My weight fluctuates between 160 and 178, except for the year of the divorce where I plummeted down to a 150 lbs (*note: my skirt would have still fit just a few snaps in!!).  One of the goals I set for myself through out my life, was to keep myself in good enough shape to be able to run on any given day...3 miles.   So even though I was bigger than most, I was still healthy.  Clothes were difficult to find, as I bordered the top of end of “normal” and small end of “plus.” Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would someday be designing clothes for all active women.    Sweet Spot™ Skirts has been a lot of fun. We never sat down and planned the road it would travel or become what it has become. It grew from the efforts of many women just coming together and playing with fabrics, designs and demonstrating true care and love for the world around us.

Our celebrated milestones have been:

 1. Sweet Spot™ Skirts LLC was formed March 2010.

2. Full-time Marketing Director hired September 2011.

3. Sweet Spot™ Skirts flagship store “Sweet Spot™ Sports” was opened March 2012.

Lots of hard work has surrounded the fun. We do have a comprehensive business plan, marketing plan and yet each month something happens that takes the company in a direction we never thought about. That is refreshing.

 What to do heading into this next quarter? Continue the hard work, accept the loving and gracious helping hand of friends and family, make mistakes and then make up for them mostly we need to be thankful for our wonderful skirt wearers and hang on tight to see where they take us! Enjoy the last quarter of 2012.

Do something that you have wanted to do all year! Make it happen! Let us know what thrills you! 

Hugs to you all, Stephanie

_MG_9507 (533x800)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Thinking back to the past year working for Sweet Spot Skirts, I've been so impressed by the inspiring people I've gotten to work with and meet along the way.  From women who completed their very first 5K run to others who have excelled in ironmans to still others who have started their own businesses!  How these women find the time to accomplish so much while balancing jobs, families and their lives in general amazes me.  I was never a big runner, but needed a goal in 2011 and decided to work up to a half marathon.  Fast forward to a year and a half later, after many encouraging conversations with other athletes at events and yes…I'm jumping in to my first full marathon next weekend:  Leavenworth, WA. 
I completed my last long training run- 20 miles out to Discovery Park in the gorgeous sunshine with 3 of my favorite products that kept me comfortable and feeling strong:
  • Fast 'n Flirty running SSS- I live in my standard Sweet Spot Skirts for so many activities- athletic and otherwise.  We have customers that run long distances in our cotton skirts and love them!  I, however, have found my true running love in our new Fast 'n Flirty skirt.  It's a light nylon/spandex blend with a flattering cut and cute scalloped edge.  It's still adjustable with the snapping system, but has elastic in the back and silicon on the waist band to keep it snug on the hips.  It stays in place so well that I don't even realize I'm wearing it during the run.
  • Skin Strong Slik misting spray- Spray this any place you normally get rubbing, chafing or blisters and it decreases friction for a smooth and pain-free run.  I've been a fan of their "Slather" for biking (it got me through the 7-day bike ride across Iowa) but I just started using "Slik" for running.  I sprayed it around my sports bra line and was super impressed.  If you've ever experienced painful chafing, definitely try this miracle serum out!  In fact, starting this week, we are issuing free GIFT WITH PURCHASE of Skin Strong products for every skirt bought!  Sweet Spot Skirt girls don't let chafing hold them back...
  • Run Pretty Far silky smooth tank- I now own 3 of these amazing shirts.  They are vibrant, unique and oh so soft!  This woman-owned company is based out of Seattle, WA.  Stay tuned as we continue to work with Jenn, the owner, to create perfect top and skirt combos!

So- here goes to phenomenal products that support our adventures- whatever feats those may be!  And here's to the inspiring stories along the way that pushed me to do more than I thought possible!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Power of Pink

We are excited to host an event at the Vancouver store October 4 for a cause that is very important to us here at Sweet Spot Skirts.  You are invited!  
Jill did a great job introducing it (we love the Top 10 list!):

Hi everyone,
Below is an invite to an open house fundraiser at Sweet Spot Skirts in Vancouver on Thursday Oct. 4th from 6 – 8 p.m. I went into the store looking for a cute pink skirt for our walk in November. I got talking with the clerks and was explaining why my skirt must have a lot of pink in it, and they asked me what I was doing. I told them we are raising money for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure event in November. The owner, Stephanie Carroll, said that her mother had died from breast cancer at age 36 when she was 12 years old. This cause is something near and dear to her heart as well, and did we want to hold a fundraising event in the shop? Of course I immediately said yes!! Stephanie also offered a beautiful pink quilt and matching pillow for a raffle. The quilt is made from the leftover pink scraps from the skirts. The idea is if you win you could give it to a breast cancer survivor in your life (or you could keep it too….it is gorgeous):

I love my skirt; there are so many I liked I had trouble deciding which one to get.  Here is the top ten list of why you will love these skirts and why you should come to the party:
1. Dozens of fabrics to choose from; you can even have them custom-made for special events (Portland to Coast, etc) 
2. They come in several sizes, including children’s and plus sizes 
3. They are reversible, so 2 skirts in one! 
4. They look great over bike shorts, running tights, swimsuits 
5. If you gain or lose weight, simply move the snap over 
6. Snap on tulle bar available for extra frou-frou 
7. Makes a great Christmas gift 
8. Feel cute and flirty no matter what your age 
9. Good anytime you want to CYB in style!! 
10. Free wine and snacks, plus surprise boob-themed treats 
I hope all of my local friends will be able to join me on the 4th. Please pass on the invite and post on your facebook page! If you can’t attend the open house, or live too far away, skirts can be ordered online up through Oct. 4th. You must tag this event under the comments section so we get the credit.


So come support a good cause and a fantastic local business!

Thank you,


Jill and Darby MacKenzie invite you to an open house fundraiser to benefit Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure
When:   Thursday October 4, 2012  
6 – 8 p.m.
Where:   Sweet Spot Skirts
 105  6th Street
Vancouver, WA  
Light appetizers and wine will be served.   Join the fun while browsing through the multitude of cute skirts
10% of all sales to benefit:  Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure

Wednesday, September 5, 2012




You hear this saying day in and day out. You see this phrase printed on everything and used in a variety of ways to make “a point.” As I embark on my 48th birthday this month, I have been thinking about what this really means. I have watched with a heavy heart, as my friends have been drug through nasty divorces, death of loved ones, job losses and a variety of challenges and struggles. Each day at Sweet Spot™ Skirts we try and appreciate the days as they occur. Building a company from the ground up in one of the biggest recessions since the great depression is not an easy task….but as the saying goes “life is short” and this is our passion.


We love watching life from the edge that we exist. Looking out at the world from “that” cliff, we can spot so many women who love our skirts, so many retailers excited about our new product, and our Sweet Shenna quilts bringing a bit of comfort from those suffering from cancer.  The list goes on and on…  Read about our Sweet Shenna Quilts

It is only when we reach that edge, that we can fully see what great things have come from our passion and hard work. 

Live without expectations, without fear

and with a great amount of PASSION!

This is the Sweet Spot™ way!     Enjoy your day

Cheers to Birthday Month!



Sunday, July 22, 2012

SSS Adventure at RAGBRAI- Day 1

The SSS Girls working hard to stay hydrated at the Expo

Where to start?  Sweet Spot Skirts is loving Iowa and the amazing people we’ve met so far!  Some of us are adjusting to the heat (Steph, Dave)  and others are loving the hot temps (yep, I’m crazy! And Sophia complains regardless).  We had a great expo experience yesterday and were amazed at how many people we met from all over the US who travel year after year to come to RAGBRAI.  Susan and Wes were absolutely fantastic to work with, and we were excited to find a RAGBRAI jersey that matches Diamonds BFF Blue perfectly (Steph and I will be wearing them tomorrow!)  For anyone who doesn’t know, RAGBRAI is a yearly biking event where 15,000 people ride their bikes across Iowa, Missouri River to Mississippi River.  The route changes every year, but this year it is 471 miles and we ride an average of 70 miles per day through the rolling Iowan hills.  The first day Stephanie drove the truck and trailer (we're trading off driving duties), and David and I rode our bikes the 57 miles today to Cherokee, Iowa.  I chose my current favorite Sweet Spot Skirt (Flamingo Flair) to commemorate the occasion.  Stephanie, a perfect Support Sag, met up with us halfway to give us cold drinks and yummy sandwiches.

One Low-light of the day:
·      Getting ready to leave at 7 am and finding my bike has 2 flat tires.  It’s my first flat, so Dave and Steph teach me how to change them.  7 miles in, back tire pops.  We fix it again.  5 miles from end town, front tire pops.  Not sure what is going on…but at this rate, I will need 24 more tubes to make it through the ride…

Much better highlights so far:
·      Watching 1 Unicycle, 1 skateboard, numerous recumbent and boom boxes galore make the trek!
·      Riding through Orange City, a quaint Dutch town (people were even out in their wooden shoes to cheer us on)
·      Seeing amazing food stands offering everything from French toast to pork sandwiches to eggs on sticks
·      Triple tandems (what are those even called?), some even with little kids on them!
·      Plugging in and staying the night at Deb’s beautiful house, which is right on the end of the day’s route in Cherokee.  We met her yesterday at the expo and with generous hospitality she volunteered her space.
·      Cheering on the cyclists as they finish the route- so many athletic abilities, ages and types of rides, but all with sheer enthusiasm and determination!
·      Having people say hello after the ride, many wanting to buy skirts, some desiring a tour of the airstream and one couple even offering us their house to stay at if (/when) we make it to Chicago (careful- we will take you up on it!)
·      Steph getting a police escort to park the trailer going against the thousands of bike rider traffic
·      Eating dinner at the Community Center to benefit Kate and her charity that supports women dealing with breast cancer and their out-of-pocket medicine costs

Tomorrow will be a great day!

Temporary Truck Troubles at Sweet Spot Skirts

Not Black Beauty's Favorite Moment
As we headed out of town a week ago Friday,  we were excited for our upcoming events and the huge unknown of what to expect with RABRAI (the 40th year of this across-Iowa bike race).  First exciting stop:  Boise for the Goldilocks all-women bike ride.  Setup was at 4 am the next day, so our plan was to get into town late afternoon and relax before the big day.   We had sunshine, country music blaring and a smooth ride until the power steering acted up at a rest stop.  Note:  Just minutes earlier, I had posted on Facebook “Let the Adventure Begin…”  Much to my surprise, Stephanie pulled power steering fluid out of the back, filled it up and we were on our way again.  Much high-fiving ensued, as we were so proud that we solved the truck issue just like that!  Unfortunately, our celebration was a bit too soon…the truck proceeded to overheat, we pulled over, and ended up waiting for a tow truck for an hour.  We called numerous repair shops in the greater area, but being Friday 5 pm, all were closing or already closed.  Stephanie and I put our heads together and brainstormed every possible way out…but the real “coincidences” happened when our tow truck driver arrived. 

It turns out the normal driver had just quit, so Mike (the owner of Guss Motors in LaGrande, OR) was taking over for the day.  He kindly towed us (truck and trailer!) our Triple AAA allotted 100 miles + the extra 50 to Caldwell, where we proceeded to park at his brother’s Dodge dealer (what are the chances his brother owned the dealership that we needed?!?)  He said we could stay there in the parking lot for the night.  My friend Colin was luckily still living in Boise for a few last days before relocating to business school, so he happily volunteered to take us to the airport to get a rental car.  Saturday morning Stephanie and I awoke at 4 am to set up for the event, miraculously fitting all our skirts, tent and event supplies into the rented sedan.  Dani put on a wonderful Goldilocks event (as usual!) and we were so happy to be a part and meet such wonderful women.  While we were working, the Dodge dealer couriered the needed part and fixed the car before they closed at 3 pm…and we were on our way once again!

A Better Moment
Fast forward 4 days and we’re driving in 104 heat through the South Dakota Badlands.  We had a wonderful morning at Wall Drug and enjoyed the gorgeous moon-like scenery of the Badlands.  The truck’s running pretty hot, so we stop in Mitchell to get frozen yogurt (we figure if we cool ourselves off with a treat, the truck will be happier too!)  As we leave, the truck gauge gets up to red and we immediately pull into an adjacent transmission shop.  We don’t even know if they fix trucks…but the employees were so incredibly helpful.  They looked at the truck, found that our fan had JUST broken, called for a part and had it fixed in about 15 minutes.  Had we not stopped, we could have fried the engine.  Quick reaction time, Steph!  Best part:  we were freed up in time to see the World’s Only Corn Palace before we continued on to Iowa!
 Stay tuned for more adventures (but not truck mishaps, hopefully!)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I forgot my bathing suit….and then this happened!

Arriving for a two day stay in McCall Idaho was such a treat… the RV Resort that I choose was amazing http://www.g7rvresorts.com/mccall-rv-resort/index.aspx.

photo 2

With a amenities and clubhouse like this…. I couldn’t help but get into the pool, Jacuzzi, and steam room.  However, I forgot my bathing suit!   Most women know the pain that you go through to find a swim suit that has coverage and style, I can remember weeks of shopping it was horrible.  After four hours of work and a sense of brave energy, I headed into the town of McCall Idaho…with Payette Lake filling the center of town I was hopeful!


First stop was Home Town Sports, http://home-town-sports.com/ they were in between seasons…. shutting down the ski and winter clothes.  While I walked around this cute store, I noticed they carried everything I owned…..I found four pair of my shoes, my new UA tank top, it was wonderful.  I felt like it was a store of my favorite things. 

I spotted a wonderful jacket with 3/4 length sleeves… it goes with my Sunday pants.  ****sidenote*****  Since going full time Sweet Spot Skirts, I have ceased to wear anything but skirts.  You know Coco Chanel refused to wear anything except her own line!  LOL I guess imitation is the biggest form of flattery!  On Sunday I wear a wonderful pair of comfy pants from Athleta and I don’t wear a skirt.  Now I have a wonderful pink Sunday jacket made by Soybu.http://www.soybu.com/jackets-pullovers/tina-hoody!

I also found a swimsuit that fits like it was made for me!  During this shopping spree I said to the salesperson, “your store is perfect for me… I own half of the items in here and I have found two much more I could buy.”  Tricia (the salesperson) said, “and your skirt is so cute!” ( I had on the 2010 version called “the MIX” see below)   I said, “about that….I didn’t plan on selling you skirts when I came in… really just needed a bathing suit….but since you asked…then the story began!


Long story short…. Home Town Sports will now be carrying Sweet Spot Skirts this June!  Hey Sweet Spot Family go show them some love on their facebook page! 

like this page!! https://www.facebook.com/Home.Town.Sports

Sometimes in this business, things just happen for a reason!

Looking forward to lunch with a Boise Sweet Spot Skirt wearer!  Stay tuned for more adventure.

Sweet Shenna Quilts continue to provide comfort!

Thanks to Cousin Jean, we have produced another “Sweet Shenna” Quilt.  These quilts have very special meaning to me!  I lost my mother at age 12 to breast cancer.  She was only 36.  With all the scraps from our skirts, we create wonderful quilts that are given to charities and special friends of Sweet Spot Skirts.
Here is the link to that blog:  http://sweetspotskirts.blogspot.com/2011/12/sweet-spot-scrappy-quilts.html
We save the pink scraps for our “Sweet Shenna” lap quilts and pillows.  My mother’s name was Sharon and my father nick-named her “Shenna.”  Our first Sweet Shenna quilt went to a wonderful woman, Ursula Medanich, who had just gone through a double mastectomy (and might I add she has completely recovered and is cancer free!!!).  Sweet Shenna #2 was donated to Doernbechers Children’s Hospital fund raiser.  Sweet Shenna #3 was lovingly given to Sharon who is currently battling the ugly disease of cancer.  Our hope is that during her battle and healing, she finds hope and comfort with our gift!
Sharon and Sweet Shenna #3:  photo

Sweet Shenna #4 is here and we are looking for a recipient!  If you know of someone battling this horrible disease, please send the story with info and address to info@sweetspotskirts.com
Thank you for your continued support and purchases!  The more we sell the more scraps we have and the more lives we can comfort. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Proskins Active and Slim are Now Available

My favorite tights are now available at Sweet Spot Sports105 W 6th street Downtown Vancouver 98660.  Here is the rest of the story….

This past weekend we participated in the Seattle Bike Expo….what a great and busy event.  We met so many amazing women and heard their stories of motivation and training.  WE LOVE SEATTLE!  Needless to say we were on our feet from 8:00 to 7:00, a whopping 11 hours on concrete.  Day two was a bit shorter with about 8 hours of concrete standing!   Each Day I wore Proskins Slim compression tights, and my legs felt great.  Usually, I will feel a bit bloated and or swollen around ankles, knees and tummy.  Seriously, my legs felt very good, as if I had done a light leg workout….leaving me with that toned and strong feeling of tiredness.  This morning, after three days of 10 hours or more on my feet, my whole body has that “after workout” happy glow.  No pain no swelling and no limping!

Let me re-inform you about my beloved favorite Proskin Tights:

Caffeine, Retinol, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera all mixed into a soft and comfortable tight.  Reduces cellulite, improves circulation and contains silver an anti-bacterial treatment for extended use

These tights are not cheap, they come from the UK and are worth every penny.  The perfect compliment to your Sweet Spot Skirt!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Release Your Inner Warrior


We have new bracelets available for all those trying to release their Inner Warrior!  However, in order to wear one you must take the Sweet Spot™ Skirt Warrior Creed:

I ____________________________ (insert your name), vow to “Release my Inner Warrior” and pursue my dreams….DIG deep daily into my inner strength and, DECIDE to let the powerful warrior waiting inside…escape and DETERMINE to live a life full of confidence and success!

Sweet Spot™ Skirts wishes you all the success to fulfill your wildest dreams.  Thank you for helping us live our dream!

“twenty-twelve” is going to be great!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Sweet Spot Skirts has a new “brick and mortar” spot in Downtown Vancouver!  You can create a Sweet Spot Skirt with any of our fabrics!  Bring your running group, biking group or just your best girlfriends and get a perfect little athletic skirt!  We are so fortunate to have found a perfect building that will house our retail operation, our seaming center and a place to kick back and relax.  It will be what is called a “destination retail” store.  If you bike to the store you get fun prizes and special treatment!  We will also have bike rental and bike storage, beginning in mid-Spring.  Our store will be named Sweet Spot Sports!

We will be blogging more and adding pictures soon!  If you want to see what is up plan to stop by on one of these days!

February 14, 2012:  Valentines Day Pre-Opening 10 a.m to 7 p.m.  We will have treats and fun things…. you can also send your significant other to get you a flirty and practical skirt!  Simply come treat yourself to a new skirt for Valentines Day! 

March 1, 2012:  Soft Opening…. working out the kinks and having a blast!  Store Hours will be Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 6

March 15, 2012:  Grand Opening Fashion Show!  It will be amazing with free giveaways and girlish fun!  Mark your calendar.  6 to 8 p.m.

March 18, 2012:  St. Paddy’s Day run… with our “lucky” skirt.  You will be able to order your lucky skirt on line or in the store. 

Thank you for all your support and help in growing the company!  We love our skirt wearers!



Stephanie Carroll, Sweet Spot Skirt Owner

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Proskins Tights…. Silver and Caffeine

I wore these tights for about 6 weeks straight, while on our Southern California Sweet Spot Skirt selling trip.  We met Proskins, a small women owned US company that came over from Europe.  The idea that these tights were anti-bacterial by having  silver in them makes was amazing!  Samara(Sweet Spot Marketing Director) and I  figured that if we were in the Airstream Trailer traveling across California we could go a few days between washes and save time and money.  As a self prescribed germaphobe, this idea was hard for me to believe at first, yet it was true.  Days past and we were able to wear these tights several days in a row.  I found them to be comfortable and held their shape day in and day out.  When you wash them do not dry them.  They dry in about an hour just hanging! 

The second reason I love the tights is the “slimming” effects.  I was 178 lbs on day one of the trip.  My workouts and food intake were indicative of a traveling lifestyle.  We were on the move, but in an effort to stay within our budgetary guidelines, we ate at many a happy hour, which at times lead to fattening appetizers and nice glasses of red wine!  A few runs here and there but no regular workout pattern.  When I returned home from our Sweet Spot Skirt selling tour six weeks later, I was only 170 lbs.  I felt like the look and photos of my leg (s) were much less “dimply” and  smoother. 

I am doing a 30 day Proskins Challenge.  I purchased 5 pairs from the Slim line tights and will wear them for the next 30 days.  I wear the small shorts, under sweats and of course a Sweet Spot Skirt with the longer two pairs.  Will blog my findings, for all of you to see.  It took me two years to find a tight that was different and complimented my skirts….. we love our ProSkins!!!!! 

At first glance you may think they are just some ordinary tight… but these tights have amazing features:

Slimming effect

These tights have caffeine in them!  In an independent study done in France has proven women who wore slim micro-encapsulated garments for 28 days report the following

a.  76% slimming effect

b.  Up to 2 cm reduction on thighs perimeter

c  63% of users state reductionon the orange peel aspect

d.  67% feel their jeans less tight

e.  72% users feel lightness sensation

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Sweet Spot Skirt named “jungle love”


Today I was inspired by Jen on the Edge one of my favorite bloggers/writers and an avid loyal supporter of Sweet Spot Skirts!  She posted a 10 mile run.  This inspired me… so I took “jungle love”  along with my trusty companion… “Bella” on a 4.5 mile run.  I don’t think you will ever see me posting 10 miles… :)

What you will notice is my new favorite shoes:  Not normally a Nike fan… but these are Gore-Tex and amazingly comfy….  bought them (on sale) at Road Runner Sports along with a really nice sports bra (thanks PAT)!  The tights about 19 years old:  from 1993 when I used to run with Miss Tisa.  The old brand is IN SPORT,  not sure if they are still around but boy have they lasted.  The jacket is a six year old waterproof Marmot, and it really is totally waterproof.  Obnoxious Salmon color but totally rocks.  It was on sale for half off and then half off… so I splurged.  Strangely enough I didn’t run in my famous Sweet Spot Skirt Beanie…. I wore the 6 year old butterfly hat…an oldie but goodie!  The outfit in itself is old, trusty and a bit worn out! 

However, when you add the Sweet Spot Skirt “jungle love” with its leopard print, wild salmon hues and bright red flowers.  You get fantastic…. women were looking from their cars as if to say… “I want a skirt like that!”  Men…. well they were just being men with a smile and a nod.  


Check out the selection of new 2012 Styles!

“Releasing my Inner Warrior with a 4.5 mile run,


Monday, January 2, 2012

“Sweet Sammie”- first skirt of the year!

Today is a great day…. we will be offering the “Sweet Sammie” a skirt designed with thought and reason for the Tinkerbell Run this January!
We received this request via email!   “We would like two matching Minnie Mouse style skirts with the fun tulle attachment for the back. Red and white polka dot is usually what Minnie has on her dress. We are running in Sammie's memory as she lost her sweet little life at just 12 years old to cancer.”   I was thrilled to do this as a gesture of support.  Let me introduce you to Sammie!
570605650 (2)
and now in fond memory of this young lady….
the “Sweet Sammie”  which ironically is the name she had acquired!
002 (800x533)003 (800x533)004 (800x533)
We will add the tulle with a snap on snap off feature and this skirt will be ready to run!!!!  Will be on the website this week… get your order in… we will ship them by the 15th of January.  Can be ordered with tulle for $79 (free shipping) or without tulle for $69 (free shipping)…..
In memory of Sammie!

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