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Wednesday, September 5, 2012




You hear this saying day in and day out. You see this phrase printed on everything and used in a variety of ways to make “a point.” As I embark on my 48th birthday this month, I have been thinking about what this really means. I have watched with a heavy heart, as my friends have been drug through nasty divorces, death of loved ones, job losses and a variety of challenges and struggles. Each day at Sweet Spot™ Skirts we try and appreciate the days as they occur. Building a company from the ground up in one of the biggest recessions since the great depression is not an easy task….but as the saying goes “life is short” and this is our passion.


We love watching life from the edge that we exist. Looking out at the world from “that” cliff, we can spot so many women who love our skirts, so many retailers excited about our new product, and our Sweet Shenna quilts bringing a bit of comfort from those suffering from cancer.  The list goes on and on…  Read about our Sweet Shenna Quilts

It is only when we reach that edge, that we can fully see what great things have come from our passion and hard work. 

Live without expectations, without fear

and with a great amount of PASSION!

This is the Sweet Spot™ way!     Enjoy your day

Cheers to Birthday Month!



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