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Saturday, July 30, 2011

my first “free” night!

I keep saying how cool it is to meet and see again.. all the women who are buying my skirts.  The Friday Night Flash Mob was a success.  Thank you Nancy for hosting us!

Learning curve of the traveling saleswoman:  check to see if there is room at the inn.  I never thought RV parks fill up….I guess in Seattle they do, when I called the only two RV parks near North Seattle, each quietly chuckled when I asked if they had a pull through space. It seems that they are full all summer with reservations made months in advance???? who does that?????

So, with no place to park, hook up and be cozy, I decided to head out to accomplish my second goal and find the water.  In Mukilteo, there is a lighthouse, water, sand, a place to walk my dogs, people, fishermen, sunsets ect…. it was amazing.  Dinner was at a recommended brew pub, Diamond Knot Brew Pub…. http://www.diamondknot.com/ They serve you the meat on a burning brick and it cooks on your table.  (which had a learning curve as well…. my first bite was raw ha ha) I am not a big beer person, but when in a brew pub…. I had the blonde.  It was good, and their hefeweisen is much like a german hef and had big tastes of banana and nuts.  Not a fan but glad for the experience.

Sat with common Mukilteo folk at the bar…. so nice to say they were great company, chatted about skirts (my plan is working) and real estate and life.  might just have been the best and fastest bartender around.  The girl behind the bar liked the skirts, she said she wanted one.  I have one that would match her tattoo!

Outside the brew pub was a great little store with ice cream.  Kinda like the general store from years past- only beach style!  I searched for the only ice cream that I feel compelled to indulge:  mint choc chip.  Before I tell you the next part of the story, I want you to remember this… Friday I woke up really early, didn’t have time for a shower (eww but I was going to be in the car with my dogs?  really), had a quick “other” business  meeting, picked up my new signs, my new tank tops, drove frantically to Seattle, had a flash mob sale, sweated, walked the beach, make up was gone, hair was disheveled, and I had those very red eyes and super pale skin that you get when you are super tired.  Not what I would say was attractive!  Now back to the ice cream.  I smiled and asked the nice looking man if he had any mint chocolate chip!  He smiled and said, “I am a sucker for a skirt let me go to the back and get some!”  LOL I had the best ice cream cone with the biggest smile ever!  you see it doesn’t matter if you are 175lbs (like me) or what you look like haggard or not!   All they see is the CUTE SKIRT!!!!   I will definitely be back there.

Now, to secure a place to stay.  As we grow this company, cheap is good!  So I did for the first time stay for free….. wait for it …… in a Wal-mart parking lot!   Ha Ha I have to admit it was a bit scary at first, but it was a 24 hour Wal-mart so there were people and such everywhere.  I did have a nice car show with all the young street rods, this parking lot seemed to be the gathering place for the twenty something gentlemen who have super powered up motors ect.  Just a bit intimidating!

However,  I had my dogs, a cool breeze flowing through the airstream, and my Tempur-pedic pillow…can you say OUT! 

Headed to Marysville next, super excited!  Then the adventure continues……

So I am now inspired….

With the business in high tilt and my other sordid jobs… I have really neglected my workouts!  That is no excuse and I need to stop making it mine.  Today I met and heard women tell their stories of losing 100’s of lbs.  They run.  They lift.  They do all sorts of stuff I DON”T DO!  How inspiring and motivating. So many of them have completed a half marathon and some have done five or six?????

I am humbled by their determination.  One gal had three kids, lost 70lbs, only got 4 hours sleep and still made the flash mob sale.  Now I have no excuses:

Today I am staying at the Kent KOA RV park.  I made sure to soak up some sun at the pool, it is important to use each amenity so to get full use of my $41.  LOL

I did run about 3 miles and also took the interurban path from the KOA to South Center Mall on my bike 12 miles. 

Thank you Tory and Laura for a great day of shopping with your amazing and fantastic women of Marysville.  I was inspired and for that ‘much thanks.’

P1060287Far Out Skirt

Monday, July 25, 2011

What is a Flash Mob Sale?

Sweet Spot™ Skirts just likes to show up in certain towns and show off the product.  We invite our Facebook friends and those who have emailed with questions or wish to see the skirts before buying.  It is usually hosted by someone from that town, so that we can go someplace cool.  The hostess guides us and greets friends, family and city folk that received the message!

Sweet Spot™ Skirts gives the hostess a sport skirt of her choice.  We usually stay about 1.5 hours and then it is off to our next adventure.  Look for the black Sweet Spot™ Skirt truck and Airstream Trailer.  Nothing fancy, just flirty and practical skirts and a bunch of fun women trying them on!  Email info@SweeetSpotSkirts.com for information on how to become a hostess. 

Nothing to buy, nothing to rent… just a few posts on your Facebook wall, a couple of emails and a couple of hours.  It is easy and appreciated.

Thanks to the past hostesses:  Lynnell Madsen;One Life Live Fit personal Training and Lisa and Sheri of Boise for the last two very successful showcases!

Thank you so much for the support and as always….

Changing the world one skirt at at time!



Monday, July 11, 2011

An EMAIL I received this morning! Made my Day!

Hey Sweet Spot Skirt Fans:
I have had a great day!  First a 25 mile bike ride next to River Boise... wow.  Second, an oil change for my truck...needed.  Third, a flash mob sale in Boise...amazing.  I was checking my email tonight finally, and found this.....

"I just returned to Boise from Eastern Idaho and along the way passed a vehicle with your skirts and website painted on the side. Looked up the site and love it.  I am looking through your online catalog trying to decide which skirt to order my wife right now.  Just wanted to let you know that your advertising works as I otherwise would not have known about these. Great story. Thank you for being brave enough to go out and start a new business! I wish you all the luck in the world!! "


Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of JULY We will have a float in todays parade!

I have not been very funny the last few days…pretty normal stuff so I didn’t want to bore you!

Made it safely to Red Lodge MT. I was able to see my Grandpa in the hospital: his tired body of 92 years was readying itself for the dying process. He said my name and I think mouthed the words “I love YOU”, and died two days later. It was bittersweet, he was ready to go home and join his wife in heaven and yet he will be missed so much. I am glad that I was here, the timing was perfect.

We have had a great few days of advertising for Sweet Spot™ Skirts. All of my nieces and nephews came out to help, from third grade to sixteen years old. I will post pics via facebook tonight! The truck and trailer will be here this morning and all the women and girls who bought a skirt this weekend have been invited to ride on the Sweet Spot™ Skirt Float this morning! Should be a blast.

We are definitely putting a dent in the Sweet Spot™ Skirt awareness for South Central Montana! Still humbled by the popularity of these awesome skirts, my family has been there every step of the way to help with time energy, marketing and support.

Let me take a moment to thank them: Haley, my sixteen year old non-skirt wearer niece, who I have converted into a skirt lover! Katie, my sister-in-law, amazing mother, channel 2 marketing manager, who is instrumental with ideas, suggestions and business planning. Larry, my brother, what do you say about having the best brother ever! Jared, he is my nephew, who makes everyday the “best day ever!!!!” More thank you’s in another blog!

Happy fourth of July! I am so grateful for those that have fought for our freedom which allows company’s like Sweet Spot™ Skirts to flourish!