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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Run Fast, Run Flirty

Sole Sisters at the Get Bold Resolution Run. Great job, ladies!
As we run full strides ahead into 2015, there's lots of talk of different running events, goals and accomplishments. Many of our customers love running in the traditional Sweet Spot Skirts, while others love adding a Fast 'n Flirty running skirt to their collection. Ultra lightweight fabric, elastic and silicone in the band to keep it in place during the toughest of workouts. And of course, the ever popular adjustable snaps (that's right, it doesn't matter if you run too much or eat too much pizza- that skirt still fits!) Bright colors also liven up those dark and sometimes gloomy winter runs as we wait patiently for more daylight to be added by the day. Check out the Fast 'n Flirty technical running skirt collection- we can almost guarantee you'll run faster with one on ;)

Friday, December 19, 2014

SSS Christmas Party 2014

2014 has been an exciting year of growth, teamwork, challenges and achievements (with plenty of fun along the way!) Our yearly manager party was full of celebration, with Stephanie announcing that we've "earned our ears." She had actually brought back name-embroidered ears from her trip to Disneyland the week before! We went to a new local restaurant in downtown Vancouver, the Grocery, for dinner and drinks. Then hopped across the street to Luxe, for dessert. The festivities wouldn't be complete without Stephanie's Chaotic Poetry:

Merry Christmas 2014

Roses are red and Dianna’s favorite skirts are too! 
Mary will love and wear only the blue! 
Nicole, a non-rider,  loves billions of bikes
Samara confuses me because I never know which she likes. 

Today is about Christmas and celebrating our crew
Not much would get done if it weren’t for all of you! 
Our growth is demanding and difficult at times, 
but at the end of the year I recall it in rhymes! 

The magic happens for all to see
In our tiny little place in Vancouver, not BC. 
Ending year four has brought us mini bits of fame, 
Year five will be a much bigger and exciting game. 

You all work so hard and I want you to know
It has been so much fun to see you grow.  
Mary can tackle the numbers so fine
Dianna is producing skirts to the nines

Samara is marketing with some money in hand
and Nicole is recreating us in California land.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years
I love all of you and give you many cheers,
In fact, I believe you have all earned your ears! 

Freezing in front of the Esther Short Park Tree
Delicious local eats and drinks
We've all earned our ears! Deb, Dianna, Tina, Mary, Samara and Nicole

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Shopping Ideas from Sweet Spot® Skirts

Need ideas for your holiday shopping? Here at Sweet Spot® Skirts, we've got you covered! Whether you're shopping for friends or telling others what's on your list, check out these functional products:
1. Classic Sweet Spot® Skirts, Reversible, Adjustable and fits women sizes 0-26
2. Tots to Teens Skirts- Reversible, Adjustable and fits girls sizes 2T-Juniors
3. Tights with phone pocket- thigh, calf and ankle lengths
4. Flipside Hats- Our favorite hats around! Repurposed fabric, hand made in Portland
5. The "Style Up" Jacket- Performance fabric functional jacket with thumb holes, Flippable Mittens™ and sleek zippered pocket
6. The Dogger Jogger- The ultimate solution for riding a bike with your dog!
7. Sweet Spot® Skirts Gift Cards- Give the gift of choice! Email code valid online or in our flagship Vancouver store

Friday, October 31, 2014

This is Our Perfect Body

Sweet Spot Skirts is committed to creating flirty and functional athletic wear to support women in their busy, active lifestyles. Our skirts fit from size 00 to 26.
In response to the recent Victoria's Secret controversial ad, we felt compelled to celebrate our amazing models, employees and customers' incredible beauty. We are consistently inspired by the women we get to meet at events/expos and love that we can create athletic wear to support all women and their active pursuits. Read more about our story here.
The recent Victoria's Secret ad that sparked controversy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Watch out Boston 2015, here comes some West Coast Sweet Spot® Skirt action!

You are the best Marketing Director in the world.  I bet all of our SSS followers agree.  You have done a fantastic job of building our brand, telling our story and keeping us relevant to our readers, followers, customers and friends.   Good luck training and getting ready for this great adventure.  We support you 100%.  
Much Love, 

Samara in her qualifying race Newport OR.

Running incognito Cosmo 7k in Vancouver WA!
Hey Samara are you taking the blue wig to Boston? 

This is where you will complete your dream.

Leavenworth WA Marathon

Samara in Monterey California on an early trip in 2011. 

Vancouver USA Marathon
Qualified in time, but because of the bombings she missed getting in by 30 seconds:(

Sparkle Samara
This is my favorite work photo of Samara.  I added the sparkle because she is the diamond of the company.
Always ready for new ideas, working happy and hard everyday, things are just more fun when Samara shows up!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Perfect Saleswoman

Saturday night I flew out my door in my Sweet Spot® Skirt to attend a Silpada Party in Kalama Washington.  #whereintheheckisthat #whydoyoulivenearcanada.  Pulling in 30 minutes late, I tried to sneak in quietly without calling attention to my tardiness.  Five steps into the house, one of the ladies looked at me and said convincingly,  "That is a Sweet Spot® Skirt."  I asked how she was able to tell from 20 feet away and she replied, "I own two skirts myself."   Smiling, I thanked her and said I was honored.   She smiled, looked a bit confused with my statement but we both went about our jewelry shopping and snacking.

About 15 minutes later, this same woman said to me:  "Did you know that you can go to the store in Downtown Vancouver and they will customize a skirt for you and make it anyway you wish?"  Obviously, she didn't know that I was the owner of the store, but she was putting the hard sell on me$

I have never smiled so big or so proud as I said giggling, "Yes I do know that....I am the owner of the company!"   #whencustomersarehappy  #ILOVEMYJOB  Right at that moment Cindy chimed in laughing, "And I was going to tell you that they also came with a snap on tutu."  We giggled hugged.  Small world and good times.

Kelly Gardner you made my day!  Keep on spreading the news:)  #skirtlove
Thank you Brandee for a inviting me.
Hugs and Much Love,

I was wearing my new favorite skirt:  Girlie Gearhead Click here to see it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sweet Shenna Quilt #11- Nominate the Recipient!

Help us find the home of the next Sweet Shenna Quilt!

We keep all skirt scraps and send them to a quilting group in Wyoming. These quilts are donated to many different local charities.  Fighting cancer is a cause dear to our hearts, as Stephanie lost her mom to breast cancer when she was 12 years old.  Her mother, Sharon Allan, was only 36.  Sharon’s nickname was “Shenna,” and in memory of her, Stephanie began a “Sweet Shenna” line of lap quilts and matching pillows from pink Sweet Spot® Skirt scraps. We have the lucky job of giving them to amazing women across the country who are battling, or have battled, cancer.

To continue this tradition and to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are looking for a recipient for this latest quilt. We want to hear your nominations.
Do you know someone who has had a personal experience with breast cancer that you'd like to receive this beautiful quilt? Tell us a little about them and why you'd like to nominate them at info@sweetspotskirts.com, using the subject line "Sweet Shenna Quilt."

Nominate someone special to receive this gorgeous quilt and pillow!