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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet Spot® Skirts Saves the Day! Adventures in Kauai

Muddy (Before)
Good as New (After)
 "Got my skirt dirty? Oh well, not a problem! Snap off, flip over, snap back on. Good as new!! Gotta Love it!" Lisa on a beach in Kauai after a strenuous, muddy hike along the Napali Coast. 

"I had fallen in the mud two times on a 3 mile trail to the beach.  So I'm standing on the rocks when I realized how stained my skirt was.  Right in front of everybody, I ripped it off (had bathing suit on underneath), flipped it over, VOILA!!!  Stain, what stain??!!!   SWEET SPOT SAVES THE DAY!!!!  And went out for dinner in it later."

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Pack Light with Your Sweet Spot® Skirt

Headed on a trip? We'll help you pack light!

We love hearing about where our customers are taking their skirts: camping in the Pacific NW, trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro, cycling around Beijing, running a new race in the next state over, laying by the pool in a sunny locale. Sweet Spot® Skirts are the perfect travel staple with how versatile they are.  

Vacationing with your skirt(s)
  1. One or two (or more!) skirts can fold up quite small. Double the skirt number for the number of outfits, when you consider they reverse.
  2. Great for active vacations: hiking, running, biking, sight-seeing, running with the bulls...the possibilities are endless!
  3. Great for lounging vacations: use as a swimsuit cover poolside, throw on over shorts or capris for some coverage, perfect for a cruise.
  4. Consider flipping your skirt over to the reverse side for evening wear. Throw on some lace capris and wedge shoes with a flowy blouse, snap your skirt on and prepare for instant elegance. It will seem like it took a lot more effort to look that put together!
  5. Don't worry about changing sizes on vacation- tighten a row of snaps or let it out a snap depending on what you're doing or how you're feeling!

One Skirt, 3 Looks
While you're on your trip, don't forget to snap a photo in your skirt and send it to us at info@sweetspotskirts.com. Our annual photo contest has begun, and you won't want to miss this fun competition- the winner gets a free skirt a quarter for all of 2015!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

White Wedding Skirt Adventures

Bride-to-be in her White Wedding skirt, bridesmaids wore pink
My dear friend Kara got married last week! I was so honored to be a part of such an exciting milestone for her and her husband Daniel.  Her girlfriends and I threw her a Bachelorette party the month before in San Diego. Of course, her Bachelorette outfit included an all-white, shimmery Sweet Spot Skirt. It's a beauty and a great gift idea! Find White Wedding here.
The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and the bride and groom are now off to their first adventure in married life: Turkey for the honeymoon! Kara's Sweet Spot Skirt was excited to be included on the journey, as well. Check out the photos below.
The happy bride in her adored Sweet Spot Skirt at Ephesus, Turkey 
Exploring the ruins
At St. John's Church in Turkey
Here's to lifelong friends and many more adventures to come! Wishing Kara and Daniel a fabulous trip creating wonderful memories.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

History, Skirts, Fun and Sunshine!

What a great time in Lewiston, Utah at the Little Red All Women's Bike Ride.   
 Met so many women and they looked so cute in their skirts.   

 It is important to keep balance in your job, so we took a little history lesson.  
Did you know that just 50 miles away, is a great "Rocket Garden?"

Sweet Spot Truck and AirSSS
That is a huge rocket booster!
Inside of a rocket motor, which is launched to help the space shuttles get to 3000 mph.
Then it ejects and parachutes down to the ocean.  It then is captured and reused on a future launch.
Skirts are great for rocket watching too!

Just past the rocket garden is the "Golden Spike National Historic Site."  Long story short:  Two railroad companies in 1866 fighting to lay down rail tracks (by hand) met finally( after a bunch of fighting and discussion) at Promontory Summit and connected the Union Pacific Railroad with the Central Pacific Railroad to create the First Transcontinental Railway we know today. 

Pictures for more detail:)
This is a cut mark.  A two man team called "double jackers" drilled holes in solid rock using long and narrow drill bits.  They used a huge heavy sledge hammer known as a double jack.  The "powder monkey" would then come and fill it with black powder and blow up the rock.  Then the rock was shoveled and carried away by mules and carts.
 These drill marks are from 1868.... wow! 

This is a rock shelter.  They were used to cache supplies and construction material.
 They are scattered everywhere on the Promontory Mountains!

The railroad must be less than 2% grade.  So cuts like this were made by hand to allow the trains to pass through mountains easily.  Remember that both rail companies were working around the clock to grade their line, as it came with government funding and rights to the commerce going from the coast to central.
Finally!  This is the Golden Spike National Historic Site.

The actual golden spike is not there anymore, but it has replica's and many photos depicting the actual spike.  The spike is resting at Stanford University.  Why Stanford?  Well...... Mr. Leland Stanford was one of the four owners of the Union Pacific and a Tycoon of the 1860's and he founded Stanford University.  
Thought for the day:  If you really want to understand history, go experience it.  
Second thought for the day:  Sweet Spot Skirts look great while you are traveling and learning above history!  

~ stephanie

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shamrock'ed It! Portland Shamrock Run 2014

Getting Greener by the Year! We ran in previous year Shamrock Run shirts, glasses from the dollar store and most importantly "Green Tornado" Fast 'n Flirty™ Skirts
For the 4th year in a row, Stephanie and I (Samara) ran the Portland Shamrock Run. Each year, we seem to take our costumes a bit more serious (or less serious, I suppose) and end up getting noticeably greener! This was the second year we ran with Kristina, one of our stay-at-home moms that works as a seamstress for us. She recently started running over the last couple of years, has lost over 50 pounds and is quite the inspiration! We held an inaugural Kristina 8K Run last year to celebrate women and their fitness journeys. Stay tuned for details about the Vancouver 2014 Kristina 8K (yes, you get a skirt and shirt outfit with signup!)

Halfway through the run!

All done! Kristina beat her time by several minutes.
We had a blast. At the end of the run, we started talking about previous Shamrock Runs. Stephanie and I had to chuckle at one memory that stood out. That particular race, we had a busy day planned with the early morning run and then a benefit brunch right afterwards for Doernbecher's Hospital. We were donating a Sweet Spot® Skirt for the silent auction and were excited to support such a great organization. Before the run while scouring for parking (over 50,000 people participate in the race), we saw an empty lot right near the starting line. "How lucky are we?" we kept remarking, as we congratulated ourselves on finding a hidden gem of parking. We would do the run, hop into our car, head home and shower/change to be at the benefit brunch right on time. Post-run happy, we get back to the car only to find...all of the surrounding streets are blocked off for the other various Shamrock Run distances to finish running. Apparently we were parked on the route and found out that the roads wouldn't be open for another couple of hours. Thinking there was no way we could make it to the event on time, we switched into Sweet Spot® Skirt problem solving mode. Headed to a local coffee shop, we called in a favor of Stephanie's friend who swung by and dropped us off straight at the benefit. Never mind that everyone else was dressed in Sunday morning attire. We had grabbed extra shoes and hats from the car to change, so proceeded to flip our "Lucky" shamrock reversible skirts to the opposite subtle black side, throw on boots and instantly looked presentable. Thank goodness for the versatility of Sweet Spot® Skirts and a casual hat to cover up our running hair! No one could tell that we had just ran 6 miles in the rain.

Stephanie and I still joke about that seemingly perfect parking lot, but for some reason have decided to park farther away in more populated areas for the proceeding Shamrock Runs!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Sweet Note post Seattle Bike Expo

Anna in her new Sweet Spot Skirt!
"Let's just say that my sweet girl has not taken off your skirt since we bought it from you at the expo on Saturday (except for when we ran in a race Sunday morning which you might get a kick out of...http://celebrate-2day.blogspot.com/2014/03/hot-chocolate-run-2014greeting-you-with.html
(*they dressed as matching Hershey's Kisses for Anna's first 5K!)
"Thank you so much for such a Fun Skirt which will go with this girl for miles.

more pictures to come with us in our skirts together...

Emily Huff
Sweet Spot fan"

Congrats on your first 5K together, Anna and Emily!  We can't wait to see more pictures in the future.

Monday, February 3, 2014

2013 Sweet Spot Skirts Photo Contest (2nd Annual)

After much judge input and consideration, the 2013 Photo Contest Winners have finally been selected. From athletic events to world travel, the entries truly showed us where your Sweet Spot® Skirts took you in 2013!  If fact, the entries were so fabulous that the judges had a very difficult time deciding on the winners. With that said, several photos rose to the top and we are excited to announce them.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  

Grand Prize Winner-

Carol on a fantastic adventure at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Carol wins an entry to the Skirt Club, which includes a free skirt each quarter in 2014, panties, a shirt plus more!

1st Place Winner-
BethAnne enjoying the sunshine on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Looks like a magazine photo shoot!

BethAnne wins a skirt of her choice plus a $25 online gift certificate.

2nd Place Winner-
Judy, her son Duncan who is home from college and Rally the dog enjoying a lovely December morning paddle boarding in Huntington Harbour 

Judy wins a skirt of her choice.

3rd Place Winner-
Jennifer and her husband on a 1600 mile tour from Quèbec City to Halifax. "On this particular day we had battled headwinds, rain and lots of hills, but I always felt comfortable in my SSS. It just shows that SSS are for all ages: I am a senior citizen but refuse to act like one!" — in Grande-Vallée, Canada

Jennifer wins a $25 online gift certificate.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)- each woman receives a $15 online gift certificate:
Julie and sis Jody, all smiles, at the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll Marathon
Avid surfers, Jerri and her husband fell in love with this decked out Woody Wagon at the Car d'Alene car show (in Couer d'Alene) this summer. "I was so happy to be wearing my Sweet Spot surfer skirt!" 
Stephanie at the American Discovery Trail Half Marathon. Running strong and not letting rheumatoid arthritis slow her down! 

Rachel on an island bike ride, exploring Taveuni Island, Fiji
Shannon on a bike tour in Italy: "This really was the perfect use for the Sweet Spot skirt! 10 am on a beautiful morning in Italy - so great to walk into this bar, past the locals, for a delicious espresso at the end of a long climb."

**Winners, we will send you an email to arrange your prizes!