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Monday, December 26, 2011

Resolutions vs. Themes: Where they came from…

Part of our goal at Sweet Spot Skirts, is to make daily life just a little bit more fun!  I have always hated New Years Resolutions… maybe because everybody else does it, but I am usually quite conforming.  Maybe it is a fear or failure… if I start something on a certain day the idea that I have to follow through with it daily for 364 days…may prove to be just too much for a perfectionistic almost OCD, over achiever.  Life is too good to just monotonously walk through, same day different time, same stuff going on.  Many of us get caught up with husbands, partners, dogs, cats, kids, work, JOBs, housecleaning and forget to take care of ourselves.  Life happens! 

In 2005, I had a divorce.  Good or bad it happened and I was devastated.  It took hours of counseling, lots of tears, and whole bunch of self analysis before I recouped.  In this process, I began to theme my years.  I would pick something to focus on for the entire year.  If it was a bad day … I focused on my theme.  That way failure was not an option, as it would be with a resolution that you “can’t break” vs. a theme that was just always there.  Besides coffee, sometimes the thought of my theme was the only thing to help me get out of bed and face the day.  If you want to understand how themes can make life fun and help you out of a difficult situation, please read the following! 

2006:  Pray Hard. Sometime when you are at life’s bottom barrel, praying is the only thing that makes you feel close to God and accepted.  I stumbled upon a ring in the Christian Book Store that was $12.95 and had the words PRAY HARD stamped in Black on a silver band.  I bought it and every time I looked at those words it made me remember I wasn’t alone and I was loved. 

2007:  Truth.  I had a year of counseling under my belt and I was on my soap box preaching the truth to anyone who would listen.  Truth about men, divorce, marriage, lies, addiction, life, ect.  I felt that when you knew the truth it would set  you free.  Looking back, knowing the truth was one thing but dealing with the truth would be another 4 year process.  Truth was defined like this:  “When you know what you know.”  I went back to that same Christian Bookstore and sure enough they had another ring with the letters TRUTH stamped in black on a sliver band…so I bought it, wore it everyday….I guess you could say the truth did set me free.  When I looked at those words it reminded me I have a voice, I have a brain and I can see through to the truth in life…it was very freeing.


2008:  Simplify. With a few years of counseling completed, I felt it was time to take the focus off of my divorce and look at my life.  Cluttered and scattered and bulging at every seam, would be an accurate description.  I decided my life was about to get a bunch simpler.  23 bags to goodwill, 4 to dress for success and I moved into a one of my rentals that was too small to command enough rent to cash flow…  1100 sq. ft.  Perfect for a year of simplify. To commemorate my year, I decided to take all of my diamonds that I had collected over the 40 some years of life.  They were being stored in a shoe box in my garage.  My moms wedding ring, my dad’s wedding ring, the blue sapphires from my grandmother, the Yogo sapphire from my very first real boyfriend.  We removed all the stones and made one “life” ring using all the diamonds.  When you look at the picture, you can’t notice it, but every single diamond was a different size.  My jeweler Rand, is incredible.  I simplified 41 pieces of jewelry that I never wore… into one wonderful ring that I wear every day!  When I look at that ring I it reminds me that I am loved and that a simple life is a good life!


2009:  Minimal.  Following the year of simplify I wanted to make sure and not re-clutter my wonderful simplified life.  I didn’t buy a thing.  I had 24 hour rules, no shopping at Nordstrom, borrow if you can and I really developed a sense of diligence about my spending life.  Each year, I like to have the next theme chosen before the Holidays.  That way it isn’t rushed.  December 20, 2008 my father died in his sleep in Arizona, the neighbor hadn’t seen him in days, the police broke in and “that” phone call came.  Trauma abound.  We were in the middle of  repairing a broken childhood relationship and I had purchased him a home so he could live out his last years of life (at the time I figured another 15 or 20 years) in peace and happiness. The shock and horror that followed were debilitating.  Long story short, he had $500 dollars in his pocket when he died.  I fished the money from his pants pocket and after much thought went to Tiffany’s.  I bought the least expensive ring from Tiffany’s and gave kudo’s to my father, who I am sure was thinking of doing the same thing for his precious little daughter.  Yes a bit fairytale ‘ish’ but healing and meaningful at the same time.  So, there you have it a ring that is minimal by Tiffany’s standards and made me feel like a princess.  All year I wore that ring and it reminded me I was loved by my father and oh that is right…. DON’T buy it if you don’t need it!!!!

tiffany ring

2010:  Sweet Spot.  This was the year of the Sweet Spot!  I created the idea of a Sweet Spot Skirt in September of 2009 and by the beginning of 2010 we had product.  March 1, 2010 we formed an LLC and never looked back!  Remaining true to the symbol of my themes, I contacted my jeweler to see what could happen for this year’s theme of Sweet Spot.  We had a bunch of stones left over from my year of simplify and he put them together in a matching ring and necklace to commemorate my first entrepreneurial adventure:  Sweet Spot Skirts.  The year went great and everybody still to this day comments on the set.  It is a great conversation starter and has actually sold some skirts! 


2011:  Surrender.  This year was the best.  I completely let go of most control.  Which for an old narcissistic, control freak baby boomer was not easy.    I have tried all year to let people be people.  To take great pride in hiring good people and let them be their best.  Don’t get me wrong I still work very very hard and I still guide people through things when needed.  I just really don’t care about what I can’t control.  If you want to be mean… then be mean.  If you want to be rude…. be rude.  People can only be who they are not who you want them to be.  Including men.  ha ha  I can’t tell you if it was a huge success, but sometime when you try and control everything it is exhausting and….I have not felt exhausted this year… so progress has been made!  Are you wondering what jewelry commemorates this year?  I have been hanging on to a ring that my ex-husband gave me twice.  Yes, twice.  He wasn’t a very good giver and made me feel so bad about the expenditure we took it back.  Then I complained about it so much, he went and bought it again.  Needless to say,  while it was a super beautiful ring, it had a very negative and forced feeling when I wore it.  I gave this ring to my jeweler and said, ”Rand I trust your ability and will let you make what ever you want with these diamonds.”  I gave complete control and surrendered the outcome.  You can see what he made and I wear it every day.  It reminds me to let go and let God… to stop controlling those around you and see how awesome life can get!


2012:  Release your Inner Warrior!  This is a double theme… we themed Sweet Spot Skirts and my personal life with this wonderful statement.  I look forward to input from women around the world as we meet and talk to them during our events and sales.  For me personally, I am doing the Warrior Dash on September 8.  I will have a fabulous warrior skirt that will be available later this year.  Meanwhile, I  am busy writing the thoughts I have for the Year 2012:  Release Your Inner Warrior!  So far my reminder token has always been a ring or a taken apart ring…. not sure how to commemorate this year! 

SweetspotSkirts warrior

Happy New Year to all!  I hope whether themed or not that “twenty-twelve” is a great year for you and your family!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy “twenty-twelve”

The stocking are hung by the fireplace, the dogs are napping, the lights are twinkling…the TV is airing the most beautiful Mass….our tummy’s are full and our mind’s are drenched in the happiness that this day brings. 

We have so much to be thankful for here at Sweet Spot Skirts!  Below is a picture from our Christmas party…. we had a delightful lunch and great “girl” time.  It is because of those standing side by side with me, that the company has grown.  Each so special and so talented, I am amazed by them weekly. 


Dianna, Stephanie, Mary, Samara, Louise, Tanna, Kaye

Taking a moment to reflect and remember the fun times that have gone into this company….. and we are only 21 month old.  Our goals for next year have been written down and the theme has been chosen.  Twenty Twelve brings Kilts, new designs, kids skirts, themed skirts, charity skirts, team skirts and we might just have time to kick off our second fashion line…. Beyond D! 

Merry Christmas to your families!

Love to all…. Stephanie

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Malibu Sale Starts at 8:00 p.m.!!!!

Leaving Huntington beach was difficult… the bike path, running path literally right across the street from our Huntington at the Sea!  We had a bunch of things to accomplish, and with the hopes of meeting up with some great biking ladies we stayed four days.  The park was ok….similar to a large parking lot with hookups for the Airstream… but the spot was amazing.  $45.00 a night.

Arriving in Malibu at the very RV park that Matthew McConaughey stayed prior to hooking up and having children (story to follow at the end of this blog.)   Set up went great… time after time we unhook, level, chuck, plug cable, water, electricity, stabilize and finally we are a well oiled machine.  It was dark and we could hear the lapping of the waves and the outline of LA from our spot… it seemed great!  The local Ralphs grocery store is known for famous people spotting so of course it was our first stop (and we were out of salad makings!)

When we got back from our store the neighbor came over and with the best German accent and offered us her extra food.   They were leaving in the morning to fly to Colorado to go skiing.  She was adorable and so of course I handed her our marketing card!  She said thank you and went back to their RV.  About five minutes later, while I was in mechanical heaven fixing the constantly broken fan on the refrigerator (aaaaargh airstream) our neighbor came back over asking to see the skirts.  She was adorable as I put one around her…. and told her it was ok to go show her husband in their trailer….she was so adorable… she counted the skirts in german…and told us how many she was taking….Samara and I can only count to three in German….LOL. 

Long story short she bought two a Black Beauty and a Quill (2012) we have a new customer and friend Birget from Germany.  Does this mean we have gone international again?  Our place in Malibu is great as we continue to market ourselves and wait for our Run in Venice Beach this Saturday.  Here is photos from our work place, out my airstream window, and our camp spot!

photo 2photo 3photo 1photo 2

life is so good!

photo 4

P.S.  The matthew story:  When staying here he stayed in an airstream….people like lance armstrong, the guy from cheers, Pink and other celebs hung out here.  How awesome would that be to see them in a natural state doing what non-famous people do!  Now if I could just find Sandra Bullock and put her in my skirt!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sweet Spot Scrappy Quilts

You never know when a good idea is going to hit you!  During our first year of business, I couldn’t bear to see the scraps of material from the skirts go to waste.  So we saved them.  I thought if we sewed them all together we could make bright colored purses and fun items to go with the skirts.  However, that was way too labor intensive to even come close to making a profit, plus my Seamers were far too busy making skirts. 
Last Summer on my Montana/Idaho Sweet Spot Skirt tour, I reconnected with a favorite Cousin Jean who just happens to live in Deaver WY!  Let me tell you about that side of the family!  They are sooooo talented, creative, over the top with energy and super fun to be around.  Since I was a little girl they would get together as a family and do some of the most awesome and crazy creative things.  
Jean used to be a school teacher and in her retirement has taken up quilting.  She proclaims to be a novice and not a professional but the people who have received her quilts seem to LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Jean and I think it is cool that she is the “green arm” of the company.  Wasting not one drop of this precious cotton!  We are also cousins and as the story goes I believe “double cousins.”  I am not certain to the genealogy rules, but somewhere in the family line up brothers married sisters…. which leads to Double Cousins.  Anyway Jean is a great addition to the Sweet Spot Team and her works of art are appreciated so much.  
Here are our quilts and where they have gone!
Meet Cousin Jean!  She delivered this quilt to me in Red Lodge MT.  It is called Sweet Spots Around the world!  Each quilt is named and signed.
photosweet spots around the world
The next quilt is called Steph’s Sweet Cabin!  This quilt was given to my long time biking  friend David.  He endures my crazy ideas every day and was there the very moment that I said… I am going to make a biking skirt and call it “Sweet Spot Skirts.”  He is an avid biker and keeps me on my wheels even in the face of crazy busy times!
We put the next quilt in a silent auction and it went second highest in the bidding!  The charity that we chose to give our proceeds to is the local (Deaver WY) Crisis Center.  It's non-profit and really needs help.  They are a home for (mostly) women and children who have to escape a dangerous home situation.  Great Job Sweet Spot Skirts Scraps and Cousin Jean!  Below is the recipient Julie, who was so excited to get her quilt!  This quilt is called Sweet Spot Strings!
Even though Jean proclaims to be a novice… that quilt looks pretty top-notch!  Thank you Julie for supporting our Scrappy Skirt Quilt Project! 
We have a few more quilts that are coming out of the “hopper”  some are gifts for those who have been so helpful to Sweet Spot Skirts and some are used to make money for local charities.  Thank you for reading this…. it is so important for us as a small business to STAY in the USA and to continue to “give back” as opportunities present themselves!
“Changing the world one Skirt at a time”

Sunday, November 20, 2011

On the road again!

Just finished up the first half of a super fun road trip… marketing Sweet Spot Skirts!  So many wonderful women…we are definitely in an active area.  Picked up a few Southern Oregon bike shops, that are excited to carry our product this Spring!  SAN FRAN Bike Expo at the Cow Palace… Made a bunch of new contacts and working on a commuter line of skirts for one shop!

Santa Rosa and  Davis CA were exhilarating…we even walked by the campus of UC Davis as the the police were breaking up the on campus Occupy Village.  It was crazy!

Scouting possible stores that we feel would be a good fit for our wonderful athletic skirt!  Have a happy thanksgiving, we will be announcing the winners of Fitness Frenzi on Thanksgiving Day! 

Take Note:  Annual Sale coming up “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”….


A new pattern set for 2012, “DeJaVu” !

dav is

“not relevant to Sweet Spot Skirts….just showing the action at UC Davis”

san fran bay

My favorite picture after biking over the Golden Gate Bridge….walking thru the Presidio to the Marina!  Life is good!

Thank you for all your support!

Friday, October 28, 2011

First Employee at Sweet Spot Skirts

Sweet Spot Skirts is pleased to announce their new Marketing Director

With remarkable growth during the first two quarters of 2011, I knew it was time to begin the search for help.  After a month of interviews, I am confident that I have the very best and first employee of Sweet Spot Skirts! 

Let me introduce you to…… Samara Encke!

Samara grew up playing basketball in Camas, WA. After graduating as an honor student from Camas High School, she completed her Business Marketing degree at Gonzaga University, where she also studied abroad in Florence, Italy. Upon graduation, she has been able to gain work experience in the South Pacific, France and the Middle East, learning invaluable lessons about international business, communication and budgeting. She has been a fan of Sweet Spot Skirts since the beginning as her 2009 first edition Sweet Spot Skirt “Urban Princess” has seen quite a bit of Europe! Currently living in Kansas City, Missouri, Samara was expanding her business knowledge working for a local company when she found out that Sweet Spot Skirts was growing and looking for some marketing expertise. Sweet Spot Skirts was lucky to steal her away and I am sure you will all agree once you have had time to meet and interact with her. She is excited to put her passions to use in the fitness meets fashion industry!

Samara has a wonderful sense of humor, enjoys the details and speaks two languages. **Those of you who speak French… feel free to call the Sweet Spot Skirt phone and keep her in practice!  She hit the ground running in early September with a trip to Interbike Expo in Las Vegas, huge fabric buy at one of our local manufacturers, a triathlon sale with AA Sports and a wonderful event, Cycle the Wave in Seattle.  In just a short time, Samara has helped Sweet Spot Skirts turn the corner with inventive and new ideas for 2012.  We are posturing ourselves to begin a wholesale program…so your local bike, fitness, yoga, ski shops can carry our skirts year round.  Yes, of course… we will remain in the USA and stick to our business goals:  1.  Have Fun   2. When that goal is reached, have just a little bit more fun 3.  Stay out of debt!

Please welcome Samara to the Sweet Spot Family! She can be reached at Samara@sweetspotskirts.com .  Keep a watch on the new blogs that will be coming out starting November 7th, when we embark on our 6 week long West Coast trip. We will be flashing Southern Oregon, Northern California, San Fran Bike Expo, ending down south in the great OC. Give us a shout if you have friends in that area… we can always set up a good flash mob sale for them.

Changing the world one skirt at a time!

Thank you to all of you for your support and dedication to helping us grow!


**Do you feel the alliteration? Sweet Spot Skirts, Stephanie, Samara and of course Sophia.    BIG QUESTION:   Who will be next to come aboard the SSS Ship!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Retired Skirts….Such a Sad Time!

I can't tell you how sad it is when we run out of fabric for a particular skirt.  Most of the time when it is gone it is GONE!  Here are some skirts that have retired recently….


This is “Spiralgraphic”  A fun purple and flashy skirt that I didn’t really care for at first and is now my go to skirt to match almost anything!  It had a turquoise band to begin then we replaced it with green, as our creative team felt it went much better.  I think it had a different name at first too.  RIP Spriralgraphic


This skirt is a cross breed…. we took “Evie” and “Sangria” and for the first time ever, put two distinctly different patterns together.  Only made about 10 of these, called it “the mix” and they were wildly popular.  I have Evie, Sangria and The Mix….I only wear The Mix.  Matches almost every workout top I own and the blue in most running shoes matches perfectly.  RIP:  Evie, Sangria and The Mix


Meet Lynnell, she is wearing “The Web.”  Who knew women liked spiders?  I hate spider, detest them like snakes… but I love this skirt.  Soft and Subtle, yet catches peoples eye.  I really like wearing this one with my brown UGS in winter after skiing.  I take off my waterproof pants, and throw this skirt on over my long underwear! ( Do we even use the word “long underwear” anymore.) and proceed to the dinner or after ski snacks in the lodge.  Chrystal Mountain Ski Area has our skirts available right now.  One of only three places that carries them.  Amsterdam and Camas are the other two places.   RIP the web

Enough sadness for tonight…

Saturday, July 30, 2011

my first “free” night!

I keep saying how cool it is to meet and see again.. all the women who are buying my skirts.  The Friday Night Flash Mob was a success.  Thank you Nancy for hosting us!

Learning curve of the traveling saleswoman:  check to see if there is room at the inn.  I never thought RV parks fill up….I guess in Seattle they do, when I called the only two RV parks near North Seattle, each quietly chuckled when I asked if they had a pull through space. It seems that they are full all summer with reservations made months in advance???? who does that?????

So, with no place to park, hook up and be cozy, I decided to head out to accomplish my second goal and find the water.  In Mukilteo, there is a lighthouse, water, sand, a place to walk my dogs, people, fishermen, sunsets ect…. it was amazing.  Dinner was at a recommended brew pub, Diamond Knot Brew Pub…. http://www.diamondknot.com/ They serve you the meat on a burning brick and it cooks on your table.  (which had a learning curve as well…. my first bite was raw ha ha) I am not a big beer person, but when in a brew pub…. I had the blonde.  It was good, and their hefeweisen is much like a german hef and had big tastes of banana and nuts.  Not a fan but glad for the experience.

Sat with common Mukilteo folk at the bar…. so nice to say they were great company, chatted about skirts (my plan is working) and real estate and life.  might just have been the best and fastest bartender around.  The girl behind the bar liked the skirts, she said she wanted one.  I have one that would match her tattoo!

Outside the brew pub was a great little store with ice cream.  Kinda like the general store from years past- only beach style!  I searched for the only ice cream that I feel compelled to indulge:  mint choc chip.  Before I tell you the next part of the story, I want you to remember this… Friday I woke up really early, didn’t have time for a shower (eww but I was going to be in the car with my dogs?  really), had a quick “other” business  meeting, picked up my new signs, my new tank tops, drove frantically to Seattle, had a flash mob sale, sweated, walked the beach, make up was gone, hair was disheveled, and I had those very red eyes and super pale skin that you get when you are super tired.  Not what I would say was attractive!  Now back to the ice cream.  I smiled and asked the nice looking man if he had any mint chocolate chip!  He smiled and said, “I am a sucker for a skirt let me go to the back and get some!”  LOL I had the best ice cream cone with the biggest smile ever!  you see it doesn’t matter if you are 175lbs (like me) or what you look like haggard or not!   All they see is the CUTE SKIRT!!!!   I will definitely be back there.

Now, to secure a place to stay.  As we grow this company, cheap is good!  So I did for the first time stay for free….. wait for it …… in a Wal-mart parking lot!   Ha Ha I have to admit it was a bit scary at first, but it was a 24 hour Wal-mart so there were people and such everywhere.  I did have a nice car show with all the young street rods, this parking lot seemed to be the gathering place for the twenty something gentlemen who have super powered up motors ect.  Just a bit intimidating!

However,  I had my dogs, a cool breeze flowing through the airstream, and my Tempur-pedic pillow…can you say OUT! 

Headed to Marysville next, super excited!  Then the adventure continues……

So I am now inspired….

With the business in high tilt and my other sordid jobs… I have really neglected my workouts!  That is no excuse and I need to stop making it mine.  Today I met and heard women tell their stories of losing 100’s of lbs.  They run.  They lift.  They do all sorts of stuff I DON”T DO!  How inspiring and motivating. So many of them have completed a half marathon and some have done five or six?????

I am humbled by their determination.  One gal had three kids, lost 70lbs, only got 4 hours sleep and still made the flash mob sale.  Now I have no excuses:

Today I am staying at the Kent KOA RV park.  I made sure to soak up some sun at the pool, it is important to use each amenity so to get full use of my $41.  LOL

I did run about 3 miles and also took the interurban path from the KOA to South Center Mall on my bike 12 miles. 

Thank you Tory and Laura for a great day of shopping with your amazing and fantastic women of Marysville.  I was inspired and for that ‘much thanks.’

P1060287Far Out Skirt

Monday, July 25, 2011

What is a Flash Mob Sale?

Sweet Spot™ Skirts just likes to show up in certain towns and show off the product.  We invite our Facebook friends and those who have emailed with questions or wish to see the skirts before buying.  It is usually hosted by someone from that town, so that we can go someplace cool.  The hostess guides us and greets friends, family and city folk that received the message!

Sweet Spot™ Skirts gives the hostess a sport skirt of her choice.  We usually stay about 1.5 hours and then it is off to our next adventure.  Look for the black Sweet Spot™ Skirt truck and Airstream Trailer.  Nothing fancy, just flirty and practical skirts and a bunch of fun women trying them on!  Email info@SweeetSpotSkirts.com for information on how to become a hostess. 

Nothing to buy, nothing to rent… just a few posts on your Facebook wall, a couple of emails and a couple of hours.  It is easy and appreciated.

Thanks to the past hostesses:  Lynnell Madsen;One Life Live Fit personal Training and Lisa and Sheri of Boise for the last two very successful showcases!

Thank you so much for the support and as always….

Changing the world one skirt at at time!



Monday, July 11, 2011

An EMAIL I received this morning! Made my Day!

Hey Sweet Spot Skirt Fans:
I have had a great day!  First a 25 mile bike ride next to River Boise... wow.  Second, an oil change for my truck...needed.  Third, a flash mob sale in Boise...amazing.  I was checking my email tonight finally, and found this.....

"I just returned to Boise from Eastern Idaho and along the way passed a vehicle with your skirts and website painted on the side. Looked up the site and love it.  I am looking through your online catalog trying to decide which skirt to order my wife right now.  Just wanted to let you know that your advertising works as I otherwise would not have known about these. Great story. Thank you for being brave enough to go out and start a new business! I wish you all the luck in the world!! "


Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of JULY We will have a float in todays parade!

I have not been very funny the last few days…pretty normal stuff so I didn’t want to bore you!

Made it safely to Red Lodge MT. I was able to see my Grandpa in the hospital: his tired body of 92 years was readying itself for the dying process. He said my name and I think mouthed the words “I love YOU”, and died two days later. It was bittersweet, he was ready to go home and join his wife in heaven and yet he will be missed so much. I am glad that I was here, the timing was perfect.

We have had a great few days of advertising for Sweet Spot™ Skirts. All of my nieces and nephews came out to help, from third grade to sixteen years old. I will post pics via facebook tonight! The truck and trailer will be here this morning and all the women and girls who bought a skirt this weekend have been invited to ride on the Sweet Spot™ Skirt Float this morning! Should be a blast.

We are definitely putting a dent in the Sweet Spot™ Skirt awareness for South Central Montana! Still humbled by the popularity of these awesome skirts, my family has been there every step of the way to help with time energy, marketing and support.

Let me take a moment to thank them: Haley, my sixteen year old non-skirt wearer niece, who I have converted into a skirt lover! Katie, my sister-in-law, amazing mother, channel 2 marketing manager, who is instrumental with ideas, suggestions and business planning. Larry, my brother, what do you say about having the best brother ever! Jared, he is my nephew, who makes everyday the “best day ever!!!!” More thank you’s in another blog!

Happy fourth of July! I am so grateful for those that have fought for our freedom which allows company’s like Sweet Spot™ Skirts to flourish!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Three: Funny Stuff!

Started in St Regis Montana this morning. Funny beginning to my day! I woke up early and was extremely motivated and creative with the surrounding mountains and gorgeous breeze, so I worked from my loft in the back of the airstream. I say loft because it feels like one of those small northwest Portland type of places. Anway, with my second cup of coffee in hand and two hours of computer work behind me, I rolled out the door and headed towards the bathroom. Across the way was a nice looking man and I greeted him. He responded by saying “my wife really wants to know what a sweet spot is..” I laughed inside as I was torn between starting my sales pitch and running to the bathroom. Ha Ha… I told him I would be right back. When I returned I thought about changing into a skirt combing my hair and being presentable, but decided against it the “bed head and smudged mascara” morning look was working so I just went with it! I grabbed a few skirts, a brochure and a card and headed the 15 feet to his trailer from mine. His wife came out, I gave them the “schpeal” and she immediately grabbed the “hip Hapnyn and went inside to put on her tights. She came out looking adorable. The skirt fit her to a tee. Long story short, she bought three right from the big plastic bins that were strewn about at the rear of the trailer. Mickey and Lou: avid bike riders from Bellingham WA. They are going to host a “flash mob sale” the last weekend in July! New friends and we welcome them to the sweet spot family! My new guideline for intensity… we were so into the skirts I didn’t realize that the mosquitos were eating me alive 14 bites. It wasn’t until one bit me on the corner of my eyelid did I look up and start swatting. We were like ravenous dogs… she trying on skirts and me grabbing the plastic bags and saying “wait look at this one” “wait here is another one” “wait I bet you will like this one” LOL a skirt frenzy and a “14 bite intensity level.”

I chose the “Blue Lagoon” for todays Sweet Spot Attire. I must say my vast collection of skirts is fun to dress up with each day!

Next we drove into Missoula and parked at the KOA. Wow what an operation…I will get back to that in a bit. I had scoped out three bike shops that i wanted to visit and introduce myself and the skirts. I didn’t have time to set an appointment and really that isn’t the “sweet spot” way.

I just showed up and they were so nice. If you are ever visiting Missoula Montana and need a good bike store, these all seemed just great!

Missoula Bicycle Works: www.missoulabicycleworks.com

Big Sky Bikes: www.bigskybike.com

Open Road: www.orbicycleandnordic.com

I hope that they will soon be carrying the Sweet Spot™ Skirt for their female riders.

This day wasn’t over yet. Back at the KOA, I had to learn how to empty the septic tank. I had done it once with just water during my Airstream walk thru with Adam. Only that was just water and now I had the real thing…EWWWWW. I didn’t want to spew sewage through out this beautiful campground, so I jumped on my bike and found the closest man in Yellow. You see they have all these wonderful, what look to be retired KOA helpers, zooming around in yellow golf carts…when I asked they said, “no problem” and when he asked what space we were parked in… I drew a blank. I said it is the little airstream… and before I could finished he smiled nodded and said, “oh I know exactly where you are.” Again, having an airstream made me feel like a rockstar. I would have bought one of these ages ago if I knew I would be so cool by owning one. LOL Sewer dump went well. I had no spills and hazmat was not needed!

Next, dogs to the dog park (inside the KOA how cool is that?) Return some phone calls, dinner at famous daves, and shower, fill on-line orders and now bed. Good Night Sweet spot followers!

from the rear view mirror....yes as i was driving...

Lake Couer D Alene

Sweet Spot Marketing and Sales Day two

The day started out great…first time I re-hooked, clipped, unscrewed, wound, pushed, snapped, twirled, flipped everything on this Sweet Spot™ Skirts trailer! Chose a retired skirt called “Sangria” and a Lucky Lab Jersey for my ride today on the “Trail of the Couer d Alenes,” a 72 mile beautiful path. Begins at the Lake and ends in Mullan. I did about 25 miles from Cataldo to Kellogg. The path winds through the beautiful mountain range and used to be a railroad track…so the grade was a nice slow uphill but easy to pedal. Definite MUST DO!

I met about 10 different women, who loved the Sweet Spot™ Skirts, loved the trailer and took the marketing brochure. It is my favorite thing to stand in the middle of the parking lot and pull the snaps of the skirt….whipping it off and throwing it on other biker chics. Sweet Spot™ Skirts stopped by Excelsior Cycle and spoke to Mike Domy about potentially carrying the skirts in his shop. If you are ever in Kellogg Idaho, please stop by his shop is cute and well stocked with excellent biking utilities. 21 Railroad Ave. The first 3 person bike I have ever seen…on sale for $300.

Sweet Spot™ Skirts was in full tilt today toodling around biking country and passing out information. We ended up pulling into our second RV Park: Campground St. Regis www.campgroundstregis.com ! Price $26.00 amazing! I don’t know what it is but all of the RV campground hosts and owners are soooooo nice. This gal was the happiest person I think I have ever met. She gave us spot 14 a wonderful pull through (as I have not learned how to back this rig yet ha ha) Free WIFI finished a bunch of work, filled two on-line skirt orders, set up my new mobile printer (missing a cord dang it). Hit the pool for a moment of vitamin D, my whole mood elevated! Back to the Bambi: We have air conditioning!!!! It was so very nice to come back and work in the cool of my rolling silver bullet of an office.

Now to post these blogs…I write every night but the WIFI can be sketchy. Tonight it is strong.

Tomorrow Missoula….

Monday, June 27, 2011

Selling Adventure: Day One

First day on the road with Sweet Spot™ Skirts has been a success. We had been looking for a trailer to offset the hotel bills during shows and events. It was last weekend on the drive to the Petal Pedal, that I quickly realized that $135 a night for Sweet Spot™ Skirt events was adding up. After about a year of research and changing my mind… we pulled the trigger on an 2012 Airstream Bambi. It was a short six days and we were pulling out of Airstream Adventures in Portland OR (thank you Adam and crew) and heading to the sign shop for decals and lettering(thank you BOB). When Sweet Spot™ Skirts makes a decision, life happens. Sunday at 8:08 we pulled out of Vancouver, WA for the first marketing & advertising Sweet Spot™ Skirts adventure.

First stop, Umatilla/Hermiston area… saw a good friend (first time in 11 years) and she is going to set up a flash mob sale at her gym after the fourth. It is amazing how many people were staring at the logo’s and smiling. The words Sweet Spot™ Skirts just makes you smile. Of course, the beautiful models glued to the side of my truck represent well!

No action in Spokane this time through… may end up going thru Boise on the way back. After my first 350 miles pulling the new rig, we stopped at a delightful RV park on the East end of the Lake” Couer d Alene lake Resort”, I highly recommend it… the people were so nice and helpful. Great little store with wonderful small gifts and necessities. I had a bit of trouble with leveling out the trailer, without letting it slip down the hill…ha ha ! Big learning curve. The owner of the RV park, was more than happy to check out the new trailer and loved the skirts…she will pass the info along to her friend in Spokane with a wonderful boutique shop. Might be just perfect for the Sweet Spot™ Skirts .

This weekend was the Ironman here in Couer d Alene… Sweet Spot™ Skirts  is so lucky. The campground was chuck full of athletes…luckily I met Jeff and he took an interest in my skirts and walked up to the trailer to check them out. He was impressed and will pass the word around to the “athletic girls” in his family and friends.

Good nights sleep, minus the refrigerator… it is a humming nightmare. Adam, at Portland Airstream, actually returned my Sunday night 9:15 text, with a phone call trying to troubleshoot… now that is what I call service!

Next stop is St. Regis Montana… not sure what we will find there but we can hardly wait. Oh just as a side note my friend is biking across the nation, started in Everett Washington and will finish in DC. (www.facebook.com/BigReunionRide) I picked him up here in Idaho and will SAG (support and gear) him through the lovely state of Montana. I may even get about 30 miles in tomorrow, can hardly wait! Which skirt to wear?

I loveSweet Spot™ Skirts !

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Creating Sweet Spot™ Skirts: Our Story

Early September of 2009, I was riding my bike to photograph one of my higher-end real-estate listings. This home was a beauty, and to properly capture its elegance I knew it would require many shots from many angles. The last thing I needed was my clients coming home in the middle of my photography shoot, catching me in my padded bike shorts with my back-side in the air trying to capture the perfect shot. I threw on a little disco skirt I had which provided some cover. After the last picture was taken, I met my friend David and continued on a 25 mile ride. During the ride we got a call to meet our friends for dinner near the Columbia River Front. With sweat trickling down my face, infamous helmet head, jersey billowing with colors distinctly different from the wild pattern of the disco skirt, I “clomped, clomped clomped” to my seat. Just then one of the husbands, James, (age 29) said to his wife, “Katie, you should get a sexy little skirt like that.”

My head spun to see if he was making fun or saying the truth? I could see by his look he was serious. Not bad I thought to myself (age 44) that an age 29 would think I was sexy… didn’t he see the fat bulging out from beneath my grabby bike shorts? Interesting…..seems like all he saw was” skirt.”

Two days later, we rode to a little local airport to see some friends off as they were flying their plane back to California. I wore the same disco skirt, again to provide just a bit of coverage. As the pilot (age 50ish) stepped off the plane he smiled and with an approving nod said, “nice skirt.” Let me remind you…same helmet hair, jersey billowing, fat bulging out from the elastic leg band cruncher and non-matching disco skirt. Hmmm..... both ages 29 and 50ish, noticed my sexy “skirt.”

I looked at my reflection in the glass door of the small airport… it was pretty cute even though I wasn’t “matchy matchy” or at all glamorous. My friends and I said our goodbyes and by the time we reached our next stop, I blurted out “Sweet Spot™ Skirts.” I was going to create a better skirts than the one I was wearing, and that is what I would call them. My friend David, laughed at the name said it was cute but I don’t think he believed me to be serious. I am not even sure I thought I was serious.

Evidently I was serious! The rest of the story has become my life’s most favorite era. I drew my design out on tracing paper on the island in my kitchen. Had a friend from high school draw up a “don’t steal my idea” release form, bought fabric, hired a seamstress and enrolled in the full time school of “Trial and Error” before I graduated with this perfect little Sweet Spot™ Skirt.

February 27, 2010, we (friends, seamstresses, family et al, thanks for the support!) did our first show at the Seattle Bike Swap! WE SOLD OUT! I applied the next day for my LLC and tax documents, got a website, hired a bookkeeper and went to town designing and testing my products. Today I invite you to join the excitement, the fun, and the challenge of being just a little bit better every day.

My business goals are very simple.

1. Have Fun

2. When goal #1 is done….Have just a little bit more fun!

3. Say out of debt.

We hope to saturate the biking community and continue to reach into all women’s sports areas: yoga, running, rowing, tennis, roller derby, volleyball… this list just keeps going. Watch for the “Softer Side of Sweet Spot™ Skirts.

Sweet Spot™ Skirts made the commitment to have all our skirts made in the USA. I support the great red white and blue. With over 100 applicants to my craigslist ad, I chose three wonderful women to sew for Sweet Spot™ Skirts. My attempt in helping to reduce the unemployment numbers!

I am humbled by the feedback, the help and the overwhelming success we have had since our inception! Lots of room to grow, don’t worry we will get there!

I love all those women who wear my skirt and feel good about themselves and the way they look!
You make me smile!

“Changing the world ONE skirt at a time” with Sweet Spot™ Skirts


Those I need to thank in no particular order: James, for his 29 year old ‘sexy’ comment; Pilot Bob, for his 50ish ‘nice skirt’ comment; Lisa, for her amazing ability to read my mind; Dave B, for encouragement, taking care of the rest of my life while I did double duty in RE and Skirts; Dave C, for always being there for me, rocking me when I cry and laughing at me when I do silly stuff; Dave B and Dave C for being the best 6’4” and 6’9” Sweet Spot™ Skirt billboards!; Lynnell, my gorgeous model, friend, salesperson, and genuinely in love and addicted to the skirts; Greg, for introducing me to Lynnell, his wife!; Marni, for just being Marni, beautiful and Fun; Evelyn, my first model and business consultant with her husband Scott; Brandee, Katie, Dayna, Darrin, Melanie, Rick Cyndy, Ed, John my tester crew and critics; Ursula, for mom support; Valerie, for sister support; Jim, for advice, excitement and trust; Louise, lets just say she is the wind beneath my wings!; Tanna, my booking nightmare fixer; Haley, model and first teen to wear the skirts; Larry and Katie, for supporting just about everything I do (crazy or not), and my newest sewing team of Dianna and Kaye.  I love you all!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today with Jenn: Starbucks Exchange

Today i went to starbucks to make an exchange for a skirt that was mis-ordered!   Jenn and I met outside in the beautiful sunshine... we had skirts everywhere.  Jenn chose for her exchange the most popular "Hip Hapnyn" and then purchased a second "BFF Blue."  Thank you!

While we were finsihing up the sale, a mother and daughter got out of their car and asked where they could get one of the skirts.  I smiled as they turned off their running car to come over and look.  April and her daughter bought their first Sweet Spot Skirt from the parking lot at Starbucks... It was a blast.  April, a zoomba teacher,  got a flashy and cool "Far Out" and her daughter, a local high school senior, bought the "Blue Lagoon."  I couldn't have been prouder! 

I am so excited about the next 6 months of travel and sales.  Please let me know if Sweet Spot Skirts can make a showing at your local run, ride or gathering!  We would be honored! 
360-904-9929 or email Stephanie@SweetSpotSkirts.com

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh my... the newest line of Sweet Spot Skirts

Sweet Spot Skirts proudly presents .......our young girls line

"lil Sweeet"

this is Purple Peace worn by my newest model... Lily
We have this in "Pink Peace" and "Spring Fling"
I have set up mobile blogging!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

testing this one tomorrow! SURRENDER THE Booty"

my new favorite for 2011... surrender the booty.... or should i say treasure! 
be firty and practical with just a pinch of tough!

Calling all bikers, rowers, runners, walkers and athletic women....Skirts 2011

These skirts fit size 2-14 and look great over tights and work out clothes!

REVERSIBLE  All skirts have two sides!
this is "FAR OUT"





Scribble  first side

Rmember I said they were reversible? 
back side of Scribble... loooks great with a tan




We have new skirts in the making!  will have them posted to the website soon!   Until then check them out on our facebook page and/or this blog!

Bad to the Bone

Diamonds are a Girls BFF Blue

Diamonds are a girls BFF Pink

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