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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Malibu Sale Starts at 8:00 p.m.!!!!

Leaving Huntington beach was difficult… the bike path, running path literally right across the street from our Huntington at the Sea!  We had a bunch of things to accomplish, and with the hopes of meeting up with some great biking ladies we stayed four days.  The park was ok….similar to a large parking lot with hookups for the Airstream… but the spot was amazing.  $45.00 a night.

Arriving in Malibu at the very RV park that Matthew McConaughey stayed prior to hooking up and having children (story to follow at the end of this blog.)   Set up went great… time after time we unhook, level, chuck, plug cable, water, electricity, stabilize and finally we are a well oiled machine.  It was dark and we could hear the lapping of the waves and the outline of LA from our spot… it seemed great!  The local Ralphs grocery store is known for famous people spotting so of course it was our first stop (and we were out of salad makings!)

When we got back from our store the neighbor came over and with the best German accent and offered us her extra food.   They were leaving in the morning to fly to Colorado to go skiing.  She was adorable and so of course I handed her our marketing card!  She said thank you and went back to their RV.  About five minutes later, while I was in mechanical heaven fixing the constantly broken fan on the refrigerator (aaaaargh airstream) our neighbor came back over asking to see the skirts.  She was adorable as I put one around her…. and told her it was ok to go show her husband in their trailer….she was so adorable… she counted the skirts in german…and told us how many she was taking….Samara and I can only count to three in German….LOL. 

Long story short she bought two a Black Beauty and a Quill (2012) we have a new customer and friend Birget from Germany.  Does this mean we have gone international again?  Our place in Malibu is great as we continue to market ourselves and wait for our Run in Venice Beach this Saturday.  Here is photos from our work place, out my airstream window, and our camp spot!

photo 2photo 3photo 1photo 2

life is so good!

photo 4

P.S.  The matthew story:  When staying here he stayed in an airstream….people like lance armstrong, the guy from cheers, Pink and other celebs hung out here.  How awesome would that be to see them in a natural state doing what non-famous people do!  Now if I could just find Sandra Bullock and put her in my skirt!

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  1. Hey there. We were staying at Malibu at the same time as you and our rv is actually in the background of one of your photos (the gmc submarine looking one). I remembered the name and thought I'd check out your site. LOVE the skirts and wish I'd come over to say hi in person and check them out. Hope you guys enjoyed your stay and wishing you lots of success and joy on your travels!!

    Aimee theaimeewright@gmail.com