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Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of JULY We will have a float in todays parade!

I have not been very funny the last few days…pretty normal stuff so I didn’t want to bore you!

Made it safely to Red Lodge MT. I was able to see my Grandpa in the hospital: his tired body of 92 years was readying itself for the dying process. He said my name and I think mouthed the words “I love YOU”, and died two days later. It was bittersweet, he was ready to go home and join his wife in heaven and yet he will be missed so much. I am glad that I was here, the timing was perfect.

We have had a great few days of advertising for Sweet Spot™ Skirts. All of my nieces and nephews came out to help, from third grade to sixteen years old. I will post pics via facebook tonight! The truck and trailer will be here this morning and all the women and girls who bought a skirt this weekend have been invited to ride on the Sweet Spot™ Skirt Float this morning! Should be a blast.

We are definitely putting a dent in the Sweet Spot™ Skirt awareness for South Central Montana! Still humbled by the popularity of these awesome skirts, my family has been there every step of the way to help with time energy, marketing and support.

Let me take a moment to thank them: Haley, my sixteen year old non-skirt wearer niece, who I have converted into a skirt lover! Katie, my sister-in-law, amazing mother, channel 2 marketing manager, who is instrumental with ideas, suggestions and business planning. Larry, my brother, what do you say about having the best brother ever! Jared, he is my nephew, who makes everyday the “best day ever!!!!” More thank you’s in another blog!

Happy fourth of July! I am so grateful for those that have fought for our freedom which allows company’s like Sweet Spot™ Skirts to flourish!

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