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Saturday, July 30, 2011

So I am now inspired….

With the business in high tilt and my other sordid jobs… I have really neglected my workouts!  That is no excuse and I need to stop making it mine.  Today I met and heard women tell their stories of losing 100’s of lbs.  They run.  They lift.  They do all sorts of stuff I DON”T DO!  How inspiring and motivating. So many of them have completed a half marathon and some have done five or six?????

I am humbled by their determination.  One gal had three kids, lost 70lbs, only got 4 hours sleep and still made the flash mob sale.  Now I have no excuses:

Today I am staying at the Kent KOA RV park.  I made sure to soak up some sun at the pool, it is important to use each amenity so to get full use of my $41.  LOL

I did run about 3 miles and also took the interurban path from the KOA to South Center Mall on my bike 12 miles. 

Thank you Tory and Laura for a great day of shopping with your amazing and fantastic women of Marysville.  I was inspired and for that ‘much thanks.’

P1060287Far Out Skirt

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