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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Spot Marketing and Sales Day two

The day started out great…first time I re-hooked, clipped, unscrewed, wound, pushed, snapped, twirled, flipped everything on this Sweet Spot™ Skirts trailer! Chose a retired skirt called “Sangria” and a Lucky Lab Jersey for my ride today on the “Trail of the Couer d Alenes,” a 72 mile beautiful path. Begins at the Lake and ends in Mullan. I did about 25 miles from Cataldo to Kellogg. The path winds through the beautiful mountain range and used to be a railroad track…so the grade was a nice slow uphill but easy to pedal. Definite MUST DO!

I met about 10 different women, who loved the Sweet Spot™ Skirts, loved the trailer and took the marketing brochure. It is my favorite thing to stand in the middle of the parking lot and pull the snaps of the skirt….whipping it off and throwing it on other biker chics. Sweet Spot™ Skirts stopped by Excelsior Cycle and spoke to Mike Domy about potentially carrying the skirts in his shop. If you are ever in Kellogg Idaho, please stop by his shop is cute and well stocked with excellent biking utilities. 21 Railroad Ave. The first 3 person bike I have ever seen…on sale for $300.

Sweet Spot™ Skirts was in full tilt today toodling around biking country and passing out information. We ended up pulling into our second RV Park: Campground St. Regis www.campgroundstregis.com ! Price $26.00 amazing! I don’t know what it is but all of the RV campground hosts and owners are soooooo nice. This gal was the happiest person I think I have ever met. She gave us spot 14 a wonderful pull through (as I have not learned how to back this rig yet ha ha) Free WIFI finished a bunch of work, filled two on-line skirt orders, set up my new mobile printer (missing a cord dang it). Hit the pool for a moment of vitamin D, my whole mood elevated! Back to the Bambi: We have air conditioning!!!! It was so very nice to come back and work in the cool of my rolling silver bullet of an office.

Now to post these blogs…I write every night but the WIFI can be sketchy. Tonight it is strong.

Tomorrow Missoula….

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