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Monday, June 27, 2011

Selling Adventure: Day One

First day on the road with Sweet Spot™ Skirts has been a success. We had been looking for a trailer to offset the hotel bills during shows and events. It was last weekend on the drive to the Petal Pedal, that I quickly realized that $135 a night for Sweet Spot™ Skirt events was adding up. After about a year of research and changing my mind… we pulled the trigger on an 2012 Airstream Bambi. It was a short six days and we were pulling out of Airstream Adventures in Portland OR (thank you Adam and crew) and heading to the sign shop for decals and lettering(thank you BOB). When Sweet Spot™ Skirts makes a decision, life happens. Sunday at 8:08 we pulled out of Vancouver, WA for the first marketing & advertising Sweet Spot™ Skirts adventure.

First stop, Umatilla/Hermiston area… saw a good friend (first time in 11 years) and she is going to set up a flash mob sale at her gym after the fourth. It is amazing how many people were staring at the logo’s and smiling. The words Sweet Spot™ Skirts just makes you smile. Of course, the beautiful models glued to the side of my truck represent well!

No action in Spokane this time through… may end up going thru Boise on the way back. After my first 350 miles pulling the new rig, we stopped at a delightful RV park on the East end of the Lake” Couer d Alene lake Resort”, I highly recommend it… the people were so nice and helpful. Great little store with wonderful small gifts and necessities. I had a bit of trouble with leveling out the trailer, without letting it slip down the hill…ha ha ! Big learning curve. The owner of the RV park, was more than happy to check out the new trailer and loved the skirts…she will pass the info along to her friend in Spokane with a wonderful boutique shop. Might be just perfect for the Sweet Spot™ Skirts .

This weekend was the Ironman here in Couer d Alene… Sweet Spot™ Skirts  is so lucky. The campground was chuck full of athletes…luckily I met Jeff and he took an interest in my skirts and walked up to the trailer to check them out. He was impressed and will pass the word around to the “athletic girls” in his family and friends.

Good nights sleep, minus the refrigerator… it is a humming nightmare. Adam, at Portland Airstream, actually returned my Sunday night 9:15 text, with a phone call trying to troubleshoot… now that is what I call service!

Next stop is St. Regis Montana… not sure what we will find there but we can hardly wait. Oh just as a side note my friend is biking across the nation, started in Everett Washington and will finish in DC. (www.facebook.com/BigReunionRide) I picked him up here in Idaho and will SAG (support and gear) him through the lovely state of Montana. I may even get about 30 miles in tomorrow, can hardly wait! Which skirt to wear?

I loveSweet Spot™ Skirts !

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