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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Unexpected Benefits!

I bought a T-Shirt company and it did wonders for my posture!

I have always tried to wear my own products, and it makes for a pretty cool wardrobe. We started with the Classic skirts. I wore them diligently, as many days as I could. In the early years, I was still a full time real estate agent, and I even wore a pirate skirt to the closing of a $500,000 house! At the end of the meeting, my clients looked over and chuckled, "Did you really just close a half million dollar house in a pirate skirt?" Why, Yes I did! :-)

We added the Fast 'N Flirty technical running skirt and it's a great compliment to the Classic. I wear it for all the same things, plus it's great for longer runs and then worn around town and for errands.

The selection of functional shorts and leggings on the market was abominable. All of the shorts would ride up and the leggings never quite fit properly. So, we went to town to solve that problem, and even added a phone pocket for convenience. (I must be honest, in my mind the phone pocket was originally for two golf balls and a tee.) The pocket is situated on your left leg, since when you swing your right leg pulls all the movement and power.

When runners ask me why we don't do pockets on both sides, I just tell them because it's for golfers. I also think that it could make us look like oompa loompas, if both pockets are filled with the goo and goodies that runners like to carry. It may also effect the fit and wearability. Breathable, functional and convenient pocketed shorties, capri's and tights are daily wear for me now with my Sweet Spot® Skirts.

Recently, we purchased a NW t-shirt company. When we ordered the first run of t-shirts, I went along to make sure they also fit a slightly larger frame and that they would be appropriate for a 51 year old. The last thing I want to wear a shirt that's designed for an Abercrombie and Fitch teeny bopper. The first round of shirts are printed and came out beautifully! I usually wear an XL, so according to our online description, I grabbed a size up, XXL. The t-shirt looks great, it's cut well and the soft material is pliable and can be stretched in places that may need a little extra room.

Coco Channel, in her book about her career, admitted that at one point she vowed to only wear her own creations. Sweet Spot® Skirts is no where near that haute couture category, and as a designer I pale in comparison. However, in a effort to follow in the footsteps of the greats, I vowed to only wear my creations or products. Since we have never done tops before, I'm very excited to have a line of active, fun and inspirational t-shirts that I can wear daily with my skirts!

It has been years since I've worn t-shirts. When I put on one of our shirts, I looked at my reflection and was horrified to see that my posture was crumpled over! My shoulders were hunched forward and my gut crumpled, which caused the fat to gather and roll over my waistband. I immediately stood straighter, and as soon as I corrected my posture - throwing my shoulders back, straightening my back and pulling my head up - there was no fat, no bulges and I looked strong and confident! Thinking back to my style, I have always worn tops that covered body parts and my stomach, and added a vest to disguise "the girls". That had allowed me to slump into this horrible posture! Good posture = long sleek lines of a 51 year old, 175lb woman, who is able to complete a 13.1, half century bike ride, a 10 mile hike...  Bad Posture = crumpled old woman, whose fat billows out beneath the pressure of ribcage, breasts and shoulders piled upon one another. I'm opting for Good Posture!

Here is what the internet says (and really, we all intuitively know) about posture:
When you practice correct posture, your body is in alignment with itself. This can alleviate common problems such as back or neck pain, headaches, and fatigue. Being in good general health and standing (or sitting) tall will also boost your bearing and self confidence. Good posture is especially important as we grow older - for confidence and to help us to move with authority and strength.

I'm thinking that we should sell the shirts as posture correctors! (Plus the sayings are so inspirational!) The shirts fit just snug enough to keep you aware and upright, while being loose enough to accentuate your womanly curves. Check out our T-shirts and you can improve your posture without buying a t-shirt company!

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