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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Proskins Tights…. Silver and Caffeine

I wore these tights for about 6 weeks straight, while on our Southern California Sweet Spot Skirt selling trip.  We met Proskins, a small women owned US company that came over from Europe.  The idea that these tights were anti-bacterial by having  silver in them makes was amazing!  Samara(Sweet Spot Marketing Director) and I  figured that if we were in the Airstream Trailer traveling across California we could go a few days between washes and save time and money.  As a self prescribed germaphobe, this idea was hard for me to believe at first, yet it was true.  Days past and we were able to wear these tights several days in a row.  I found them to be comfortable and held their shape day in and day out.  When you wash them do not dry them.  They dry in about an hour just hanging! 

The second reason I love the tights is the “slimming” effects.  I was 178 lbs on day one of the trip.  My workouts and food intake were indicative of a traveling lifestyle.  We were on the move, but in an effort to stay within our budgetary guidelines, we ate at many a happy hour, which at times lead to fattening appetizers and nice glasses of red wine!  A few runs here and there but no regular workout pattern.  When I returned home from our Sweet Spot Skirt selling tour six weeks later, I was only 170 lbs.  I felt like the look and photos of my leg (s) were much less “dimply” and  smoother. 

I am doing a 30 day Proskins Challenge.  I purchased 5 pairs from the Slim line tights and will wear them for the next 30 days.  I wear the small shorts, under sweats and of course a Sweet Spot Skirt with the longer two pairs.  Will blog my findings, for all of you to see.  It took me two years to find a tight that was different and complimented my skirts….. we love our ProSkins!!!!! 

At first glance you may think they are just some ordinary tight… but these tights have amazing features:

Slimming effect

These tights have caffeine in them!  In an independent study done in France has proven women who wore slim micro-encapsulated garments for 28 days report the following

a.  76% slimming effect

b.  Up to 2 cm reduction on thighs perimeter

c  63% of users state reductionon the orange peel aspect

d.  67% feel their jeans less tight

e.  72% users feel lightness sensation


  1. I have spent three years looking for the perfect tights. I must try them. Where do you order?

  2. Where can we purchase the Proskin US?