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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What thrills you?

As we head into our third “Holiday Season,” I am taking a moment to look around and see all that we have accomplished since our inception in March 2010. What does it take to jump into a new career and lifestyle with this entrepreneurial endeavor? The thrill of design and creation alone was enough to feed me for months. The suspense at each of our events, waiting to see if the skirts would sell, kept us all on our toes. Behind the scenes... mistakes were made, things got jumbled, deadlines came and deadlines went, my life was forever changing and it was clear I was just along for the ride! As a small company, growing during the worst economic times many of us has experienced, I wanted to create something that would leave a good and positive mark with the world.

With a failed marriage and no children, it was important for me to do something that could possibly be “my legacy." Standing 5’9” with a medium frame, I have always been athletic and waivered between size 12 and 14. (Believe it or not, a size 12/14 qualifies me to be a plus size model.) My weight fluctuates between 160 and 178, except for the year of the divorce where I plummeted down to a 150 lbs (*note: my skirt would have still fit just a few snaps in!!).  One of the goals I set for myself through out my life, was to keep myself in good enough shape to be able to run on any given day...3 miles.   So even though I was bigger than most, I was still healthy.  Clothes were difficult to find, as I bordered the top of end of “normal” and small end of “plus.” Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would someday be designing clothes for all active women.    Sweet Spot™ Skirts has been a lot of fun. We never sat down and planned the road it would travel or become what it has become. It grew from the efforts of many women just coming together and playing with fabrics, designs and demonstrating true care and love for the world around us.

Our celebrated milestones have been:

 1. Sweet Spot™ Skirts LLC was formed March 2010.

2. Full-time Marketing Director hired September 2011.

3. Sweet Spot™ Skirts flagship store “Sweet Spot™ Sports” was opened March 2012.

Lots of hard work has surrounded the fun. We do have a comprehensive business plan, marketing plan and yet each month something happens that takes the company in a direction we never thought about. That is refreshing.

 What to do heading into this next quarter? Continue the hard work, accept the loving and gracious helping hand of friends and family, make mistakes and then make up for them mostly we need to be thankful for our wonderful skirt wearers and hang on tight to see where they take us! Enjoy the last quarter of 2012.

Do something that you have wanted to do all year! Make it happen! Let us know what thrills you! 

Hugs to you all, Stephanie

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  1. After years of talking about it, my husband and I took our family to Australia and New Zealand. (And Surrender the Booty went with me!)

    And I ran my first half marathon.

    2012 has been a great year and I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.

    1. Way to go, Jen! It looked like your trip was an absolute blast! You are an inspiration- congrats on accomplishing those goals.