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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cold Weather Hiking

A quick jaunt up Multnomah Falls on a beautiful sunny day admist gorgeous ice creatures brings the need for warm gear.  Loving the new Trail Scarf decorating my neck, while providing warmth and wind protection.  The sunglasses held tight to my head without giving me a headache or indenting my skull.   With super warm tights, I threw on a Sweet Spot Skirt for just the right amount of 'flirtyness' for hiking!  My dog Bella loves the outdoors and enjoyed the hike using a few moves that would leave ice skaters amazed.  We made it about 4.5 miles round trip, until the patchy skating rinks forced us to turn back to safer ground.  Even in the bitter cold this hike was worth it.
Such a beautiful day and branches were heavy under the weight of the ice.  

Trail Scarf, Sunglasses and SSS Beanie!

Just the right amount of flirty and practical.

Frozen falls are incredible.

Multnomah Falls Frozen!

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