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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Our Models at the Couve Couture debuting the Skirt Wars skirts

Here at Sweet Spot® Skirts, each of us in the "Fabulous Five" wear numerous hats on a daily basis.  We are used to helping each other out and getting things done (even if it's something we've never done before!)  In an attempt for each manager to learn the entire process from skirt conception to final production, we created SKIRT WARS!  Oh, and do we need to mention that we love to have fun while we're working?

Each manager has gone through a diligent process including sourcing and selecting material, cost analysis, organizing production with our sew-at-home seamstresses and marketing ideas.  The different departments have assisted when needed.  Each person has been very forthcoming with assistance, while still maintaining a healthy level of competition.  The skirts that each of us has created are available as a limited run and we're thinking you're going to love them!

Some of the ways for us to win (i.e. we need YOUR help!):

The skirt with the most likes/votes (Facebook album coming soon, please like and share your favorites!  Visit our Instagram and Pinterest pages, as liking these photos count too!)
The skirt that sells the best will also win in a category!

Stay tuned for blog entries of why we each think our skirt is the best, and why we picked what we did!
More info to come...

Let the Skirt War begin!  Thanks for your participation,
The Sweet Spot® Skirts Team

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