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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New Addition to the Sweet Spot Family!

We at Sweet Spot® Skirts pride ourselves in having the best customer service in the country!  It takes a lot to impress me, knowing our standard of care!  Well, here is a tale of Amazing Customer Service, which also brings our new addition to the Sweet Spot Family!  

Our beloved Dodge truck “Black Beauty” has been the driving force of our event travels for the last 4 years.  After she turned 180,000, I was forced to turn her out to pasture and buy a new truck.  Our search started with two or three very nice dealers in Montana, but nobody had “the truck” that I wanted:  A Ford 150 XLT with nothing fancy added.  The thing that made it difficult to find was bucket seats and a console.  Much better for travel and we NEVER put three people in front, so we didn’t need the full bench.  Jay, at Archie Cochrane was a fantastic sales person and so was Eric from Bitteroot Ford in Missoula!  They just didn’t have this special truck.  
Black Beauty on her last ride... she is fixed now and going to a good home!
           On a whim, after a long day of truck shopping and errands, I pulled into Laurel Ford on my way home.  I thought to myself that this was going to be a ‘needle in a haystack’ to find a Tuxedo Black, short bed, gorgeous half ton pick up, with a back up camera and nothing else fancy.  Many car salesmen sorta creep me out, and Eric and Jay were so great I didn’t want to push my luck.   I started walking the lot to see if they had what I wanted.  Out of the big large cabin, a salesman named Bob appeared.  With a quick glance, I noticed his bright smile and bright white hair and I immediately felt comfortable (as a matter of fact he is an exact look-a-like for an old college coaching buddy of mine: Bobby Cremmins).  I told him what I was looking for and he calmly walked me over to not only one, but two of the exact trucks I wanted.  One was long bed and one was short bed!  Great product ordering Laurel Ford!  

Long story short:  Test drive, Paperwork, Keys were in my hand by 9:00 p.m. 
The new Sweet Spot® Skirt truck!

Now what I want to explain is the service you get when shopping at Laurel Ford.  I didn’t know their “Straight to the Point Pricing” until after I tried to “dicker” with the price and Bob said with a smile, “oh no the price listed is the price.”    I said, “seriously, you won’t come down anymore?”  Bob with a confident smile just shook his head as if to say ‘that is correct!’  I had shopped so many dealerships, I knew that this was within 200$ of the perfect price.  So, of course I bought it. 

When anyone purchases a vehicle from Laurel Ford, they hand you your keys while they play the song “It’s a Small World.”  Everyone in the company comes in a line and thanks you for your business.  It is so much fun!  I had the pleasure of watching  a young couple with 2 kids get their new Ford Truck keys and it was smiles all around with the much noted Disney song blaring in the background.  

Disney does represent the happiest place on earth.  The Laurel Ford large log cabin, which they use as an office, looks more like a clubhouse you would find on a championship golf course.  It is beautiful, and inside you find fresh baked cookies, a gorgeous waiting room, with a full blown kitchen and floor-to-ceiling fireplace.  You help yourself to anything in the stocked fridge to drink and free internet to boot!  They sell vehicles there... but it is obvious in just a short time of hanging around the dealership, that they are about taking care of people FIRST!  

Self portrait of Bob and I 
Bob, my salesman, has a fabulous sense of humor and two of his sons live in Portland, OR (great conversation).  During the transaction, he introduced me to some of the others in the dealership.  Never was there that awkward silence, when they are handing you off to yet another person to try and “seal the deal.”  We just visited like family and then the truck was mine!  So comforting!  I came back by the next day to pick up my old Dodge, and Bob had my new truck washed and detailed again, as I was worried about some water spots that were crystalizing on the paint.  Everyone stopped by and made small chat, I drank a cold pepsi and ate hot chocolate chip cookies.  I may stop by everyday so that I can eat their cookies and drink their pop.  I just really like it there. 
My favorite of course, BOB!
Need a truck?  Call BOB!

Chris, Connie, Bob
The general manager, usually a guy sitting in a big desk somewhere, was actually at the front desk counter and worked hard at 8:30 at night to get my financing where I wanted it.  Then he shot a quick email to his daughter, who also lives in Portland, and offered to buy her a skirt from Sweet Spot® Skirts!  Chris is full of good stories and really loves the environment he and the others have created at Laurel Ford.  

Russ detailed my truck twice!

Connie, the Finance Manager, had my paperwork in a flash.  I also got to see pictures of her new horse, what a beauty!  I am sure all three of these missed dinner with their loved ones that night, and they didn’t seem to mind at all.  The purchase of my new truck, which means the growth of our wonderful little company, was the only thing on their mind...and that felt good.  
As Sweet Spot® Skirts travels the country in our new Tuxedo Black XLT, we will share our experience with Laurel Ford, knowing it matters to them.   Built Ford tough and MADE IN AMERICA!  P.S.  my absolute favorite thing on the new truck is the small video that plays in the dash as you start the engine.  You gotta test drive one just to see that! 

Right at home where it belongs! 
Serendipitously, we found the perfect truck, at the perfect dealer, with the perfect crew to get the job done!  It still amazes me how things really just work out for Sweet Spot® Skirts!  Thank you Laurel Ford, for your commitment to excellence and amazing customer service which epitomize our own desires as a company!   

Thank you Laurel Ford!  
Stephanie Lynn 
Sweet Spot® Skirts

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