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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Day in the Life of: A Superhero Spotlight

Text Message Conversation

Dianna, Shop Manager, Sun 9pm: "Panic mode.  Need more skirts ASAP!  Can you sew some for a pickup on Thursday please?"

Kristina, Seamstress, Sun 9:15pm: "If my life was a comic book....when I get a panic mode text message from you requesting as many skirts as possible as soon as possible, a big SSS spotlight would shine in the sky over my house (like the bat signal) and red lights would start flashing on my sewing machine and I would jump into my closet and pop out wearing the comic book words skirt I dreamed up on my 6 mile run and my cape with a sticky note on the back that says SS for Super Seamer, and I would sew at lightening speed! Since my life is NOT a comic book...I think I'll be able to make 12 more skirts between now and Thursday."

What fun we have here at Sweet Spot Skirts!  Kristina is a stay at home mom who has been sewing for us for over a year.  SSS has just hired several new seamstresses to help with production.  We are so happy to be able to keep our skirts made in the USA and provide women with opportunities to sew from home.  May the adventures continue!  And here's to all the superhero women we meet who balance their busy lives with family, work, exercise, friends...

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