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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Spot Skirts in Action

This email made our day:

My name is Patti Kaminski. I bought my 3rd Sweet Spot skirt in a year at the bloomsday trade show and...I have attached a few pictures of my sister and myself I’m the cutest one haha really I’m larger than my(older) sister hehe.

I love, love ,love all 3 of my skirts which is really 6!!!! It is becoming a tradition for my sister and me to buy a Sweet Spot Skirt at the Bloomsday trade show. I’m a woman from Southern California in my 50’s that has recently lost 110 lbs. I work out almost every day. I long distance hill walk and work out at the gym so I wear a Sweet Spot skirt every day. They are so girly and feminine and super comfortable I don’t work out without wearing one. One of the things I like is they are so cute you can wear them after you workout to run errands and still look stylish ( you never know who you will run into).

When you are working out you feel more comfortable knowing that your Sweet Spot is not out there for all to see! SWEET!!! They always fit! Even as I was losing weight I would get excited when I could snap it tighter. It’s nice to have something that is adjustable when you are losing weight instead of having to buy new work out gear. They hold up so well. I wash mine a couple of times a week and they still look new. I love them and thank you for making them...Hope to hear from you soon take care and thanks again for Sweet Spot Skirts, 
God bless, Patti

Thanks for sharing, Patti!  You are an inspiration and the very reason we do what we do!

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  1. I am not so sure you are the cutest! You had to put the older sister in there. Nice job Patti! I am so proud of you!