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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trail-A-Skirt: Happy Fan

Laura, a happy SSS fan, shared the following:

Hi Sweet Spot Skirts,

Here's a pic of me and my 3-yr old daughter (attached to me with the trail-a-bike!) each sporting our own skirt. Well, Georgia is actually wearing a dress but when you're 3 you get away with that. I wear my skirt for my bike commute to work as well as for errands, picking up kids at school, hiking, camping etc. Since I'm either gaining or losing 5-8lbs of bonus weight on a fairly regular basis (I blame my daughters for that) the snaps are perfect. I love how it always fits no matter what.
I get lots of compliments on the design and I tell everyone about it - where it comes from, who makes it, why it's so great. Thanks for such a perfect, fun product. 


**Win an entry to the Vancouver USA Freedom 5K, Half Marathon or Full!  Send us a pic of you in your skirt and a story of your Sweet Spot Skirt in action and you could win:
  • A Free Entry to an event at the Vancouver USA Marathon June 15-16th + an $100 shopping spree at the SSS store (limited to stock on hand)
  • *Must not be signed up already for the VUM*
  • If coming from over 500 miles away, receive a $75 Hilton Vancouver voucher to stay
  • Send to info@sweetspotskirts.com

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