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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Retired Skirts….Such a Sad Time!

I can't tell you how sad it is when we run out of fabric for a particular skirt.  Most of the time when it is gone it is GONE!  Here are some skirts that have retired recently….


This is “Spiralgraphic”  A fun purple and flashy skirt that I didn’t really care for at first and is now my go to skirt to match almost anything!  It had a turquoise band to begin then we replaced it with green, as our creative team felt it went much better.  I think it had a different name at first too.  RIP Spriralgraphic


This skirt is a cross breed…. we took “Evie” and “Sangria” and for the first time ever, put two distinctly different patterns together.  Only made about 10 of these, called it “the mix” and they were wildly popular.  I have Evie, Sangria and The Mix….I only wear The Mix.  Matches almost every workout top I own and the blue in most running shoes matches perfectly.  RIP:  Evie, Sangria and The Mix


Meet Lynnell, she is wearing “The Web.”  Who knew women liked spiders?  I hate spider, detest them like snakes… but I love this skirt.  Soft and Subtle, yet catches peoples eye.  I really like wearing this one with my brown UGS in winter after skiing.  I take off my waterproof pants, and throw this skirt on over my long underwear! ( Do we even use the word “long underwear” anymore.) and proceed to the dinner or after ski snacks in the lodge.  Chrystal Mountain Ski Area has our skirts available right now.  One of only three places that carries them.  Amsterdam and Camas are the other two places.   RIP the web

Enough sadness for tonight…