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Friday, October 28, 2011

First Employee at Sweet Spot Skirts

Sweet Spot Skirts is pleased to announce their new Marketing Director

With remarkable growth during the first two quarters of 2011, I knew it was time to begin the search for help.  After a month of interviews, I am confident that I have the very best and first employee of Sweet Spot Skirts! 

Let me introduce you to…… Samara Encke!

Samara grew up playing basketball in Camas, WA. After graduating as an honor student from Camas High School, she completed her Business Marketing degree at Gonzaga University, where she also studied abroad in Florence, Italy. Upon graduation, she has been able to gain work experience in the South Pacific, France and the Middle East, learning invaluable lessons about international business, communication and budgeting. She has been a fan of Sweet Spot Skirts since the beginning as her 2009 first edition Sweet Spot Skirt “Urban Princess” has seen quite a bit of Europe! Currently living in Kansas City, Missouri, Samara was expanding her business knowledge working for a local company when she found out that Sweet Spot Skirts was growing and looking for some marketing expertise. Sweet Spot Skirts was lucky to steal her away and I am sure you will all agree once you have had time to meet and interact with her. She is excited to put her passions to use in the fitness meets fashion industry!

Samara has a wonderful sense of humor, enjoys the details and speaks two languages. **Those of you who speak French… feel free to call the Sweet Spot Skirt phone and keep her in practice!  She hit the ground running in early September with a trip to Interbike Expo in Las Vegas, huge fabric buy at one of our local manufacturers, a triathlon sale with AA Sports and a wonderful event, Cycle the Wave in Seattle.  In just a short time, Samara has helped Sweet Spot Skirts turn the corner with inventive and new ideas for 2012.  We are posturing ourselves to begin a wholesale program…so your local bike, fitness, yoga, ski shops can carry our skirts year round.  Yes, of course… we will remain in the USA and stick to our business goals:  1.  Have Fun   2. When that goal is reached, have just a little bit more fun 3.  Stay out of debt!

Please welcome Samara to the Sweet Spot Family! She can be reached at Samara@sweetspotskirts.com .  Keep a watch on the new blogs that will be coming out starting November 7th, when we embark on our 6 week long West Coast trip. We will be flashing Southern Oregon, Northern California, San Fran Bike Expo, ending down south in the great OC. Give us a shout if you have friends in that area… we can always set up a good flash mob sale for them.

Changing the world one skirt at a time!

Thank you to all of you for your support and dedication to helping us grow!


**Do you feel the alliteration? Sweet Spot Skirts, Stephanie, Samara and of course Sophia.    BIG QUESTION:   Who will be next to come aboard the SSS Ship!