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Friday, December 19, 2014

SSS Christmas Party 2014

2014 has been an exciting year of growth, teamwork, challenges and achievements (with plenty of fun along the way!) Our yearly manager party was full of celebration, with Stephanie announcing that we've "earned our ears." She had actually brought back name-embroidered ears from her trip to Disneyland the week before! We went to a new local restaurant in downtown Vancouver, the Grocery, for dinner and drinks. Then hopped across the street to Luxe, for dessert. The festivities wouldn't be complete without Stephanie's Chaotic Poetry:

Merry Christmas 2014

Roses are red and Dianna’s favorite skirts are too! 
Mary will love and wear only the blue! 
Nicole, a non-rider,  loves billions of bikes
Samara confuses me because I never know which she likes. 

Today is about Christmas and celebrating our crew
Not much would get done if it weren’t for all of you! 
Our growth is demanding and difficult at times, 
but at the end of the year I recall it in rhymes! 

The magic happens for all to see
In our tiny little place in Vancouver, not BC. 
Ending year four has brought us mini bits of fame, 
Year five will be a much bigger and exciting game. 

You all work so hard and I want you to know
It has been so much fun to see you grow.  
Mary can tackle the numbers so fine
Dianna is producing skirts to the nines

Samara is marketing with some money in hand
and Nicole is recreating us in California land.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years
I love all of you and give you many cheers,
In fact, I believe you have all earned your ears! 

Freezing in front of the Esther Short Park Tree
Delicious local eats and drinks
We've all earned our ears! Deb, Dianna, Tina, Mary, Samara and Nicole