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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sweet Shenna Quilt Lovingly Presented to Sheri

We are honored to announce Sheri as the recipient of the Sweet Shenna Quilt #11. And it comes in perfect timing, in honor of World Cancer Day today. Here is her sweet friend/coworker Sharon's letter:

Hello, Sweet Spot Skirts.

I would like to nominate my amazing colleague, Sheri, for the latest beautiful Sweet Shenna Quilt. Sheri and I work together in the graduate school at Lewis & Clark College. Life's journey, it seems, has always been full of twists and turns for Sheri. Nearing retirement age, herself, Sheri has found herself spending her adult years living at the home of her parents in order to provide increasing levels of care for her aging and ill parents. Through all the challenges, Sheri gives generously to those in need, making regular donations of books and towels and other much needed items to the Clackamas Service Center. When she is able to be away from her parents, she volunteers to pet sit for friends and co-workers.

This past February, Sheri received an out-of-the-blue breast cancer diagnosis and, the following week, had her first surgery.

In the midst of her recovery and continued treatments, and while providing increasing care for her parents, Sheri took the time to continue providing for others out of her limited resources. She even bought much needed school supplies for children in need in Alaska.

I am certain that there are many breast cancer patients and survivors that are deserving of this beautiful quilt. For me, none are more deserving then Sheri.

Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about this wonderful woman.

All best wishes,


Sheri with her Sweet Shenna quilt and pillow, pausing at a bench in the memorial garden for a Lewis & Clark Graduate School staff member who passed from breast cancer a number of years ago.

The entire Sweet Spot Team is sending positive thoughts Sheri's way during this difficult time. Sheri, thank you for all of the help you give the community. We hope you receive a bit of comfort in this lovingly-made quilt.

Sweet Shenna story:  We keep all skirt scraps and send them to a quilting group in Wyoming. These quilts are donated to many different local charities.  Fighting cancer is a cause dear to our hearts, as Stephanie lost her mom to breast cancer when she was 12 years old.  Her mother, Sharon Allan, was only 36.  Sharon’s nickname was “Shenna,” and in memory of her, Stephanie began a “Sweet Shenna” line of lap quilts and matching pillows from pink Sweet Spot® Skirt scraps. We have the lucky job of giving them to amazing women across the country who are battling, or have battled, cancer.

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