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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Skirt Scraps- The Big Grab

Since the beginning of Sweet Spot® Skirts, we've saved all of our skirt scraps to send to Deaver, WY to be made into quilts. Cousin Jean has a quilting club there, and she creates beautiful quilts that are donated to many different local charities. Our "Sweet Shenna" line of pink and black quilts are in honor of Stephanie's mom, who passed away from breast cancer. This line of lap quilts and matching pillows are given to women around the country who are battling cancer, as well as organizations which are raising money to fight this disease.

Recently, we've had so many scraps that Jean could have been sewing for decades! She went to her local church quilting group and let them take all the scraps they wanted. The only requirement is that whatever they make will go to charitable causes (of their choice). We are excited to see the beautiful quilts they make and share with you where they end up. Stay tuned for updates!

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