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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Run-In With A Loyal Customer

A few days ago I was out running errands and decided to pop into my local fabric store. I was only planning on being there for a minute, but when I went around the last corner, I came face to face with something I recognized! The Creamcycle athletic skirt was standing right in front of me! To be more exact, a woman wearing the Creamsyscle athletic skirt was standing right in front of me.  I love seeing Sweet Spot® Skirts out and about in the real world, “in action” as I like to think of it, but I usually see them at races, so seeing one while out running errands was really exciting!  I said, “Hey! Cute Skirt!” to the woman wearing it, and she replied, “Oh yeah, thanks. It’s really comfortable.” After talking to her for another minute or two I finally confessed that I’m a seamer for the company and had, in fact, made the very skirt she was wearing. We stood in the fabric store for about 10 minutes talking, and this is her skirt story:

Her name is Liz and she’s a part time PE teacher at an elementary school in the Salem-Keizer School District. She bought her first Sweet Spot® Skirt, Modern Groove, at REI the day she bought her new bike. She thought the skirts were adorable, but wanted more color choices, so she decided to make a trip into our shop in Vancouver, Wa. She fell in love with the company and the store and is now the proud owner of 5 reversible skirts! She says the skirts are perfect to wear for work, because she wants to look a little bit professional, but needs to be comfortable enough to run around with her students. She says she likes the simple, straight lines of the skirts, and loves the pops of color!

I really enjoyed meeting Liz and hearing her story. She loves her Sweet Spot® Skirts; they fit her lifestyle and her personality perfectly! I told her that, as a seamstress, it’s nice to see what I spend all day working on being put to good use. I’m always on the lookout for a Sweet Spot® Skirt “in action”, so whether you’re running a race or running errands, maybe next time I’ll run into you!

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