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Saturday, February 6, 2016

February is Heart Month, and not just because it brings Valentine's Day. It's also the American Heart Association's Heart Month and at Sweet Spot® Skirts we are all about healthy hearts! Our focus all month is on how we can support and inspire women - and our kids, nieces/nephews and the special young people in our lives - to make the smart choices that lead to a healthier heart and a healthier life!!

There are many ways to keep your own heart in top form: eating well, being active and moving more, spending time with family and friends, laughing together, and feeling good about our bodies all have strong benefits to our heart health. Our Sweet Spot® Skirts family knows that wearing a cute skirt while out for a walk or run, biking, running errands, or touring a new city can add to the joy of life and joy is great for your heart! And feeling flirty for Valentine's Day is good, too!

For extra inspiration during Heart Month, check out this sweet video we found on the American Heart Association website about one mom, Michaela's, conscious choices about what she makes for her three kids. As she says in the video, if moms (and aunties, special friends, neighbors...) spread the word about eating healthy and the benefits from it, and lead by example, we will have a positive impact on the next generation! "Moms standing together can be a strong force." 

In our corner of the world, moms like SunnĂ¡ (below) lead by example and her daughter Avery learns from her. If you missed our post on Tuesday, February 2nd, you can read about SunnĂ¡ and Avery HERE. They run together and encourage each other to be healthy. Sunna shares how she inspired Avery to start running and Avery tells what she thinks is special about her mom. They recently participated in the Worst Day of the Year run. They did it together and now they have matching beanies and penguin medals to commemorate another event they've shared! You Go, Girls!!

You can see inspirational videos and find out more about how to keep your heart healthy on the AHA website. #hearthealth 

Happy Heart Month! 

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