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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Christmas Party

Happy Holidays from Sweet Spot® Skirts
"Chaotic Poetry"

I am very fortunate to have such an amazing staff.  I go to great lengths to tell them daily how much I appreciate their hard work, creativity and loyalty.  This year I wanted to do something in the theme of FUN, which is what our company is all about.   (Read our Story)   Sit back and relax, I have things to say!   We met yesterday at our signature retail location in Downtown Vancouver.  Five women in skirts, ready for their Christmas Party.  
After a delicious lunch at Cheesecake Factory and a round of gift giving to each other, we headed out into the Washington Square mall.  Our hope was to find a beautiful Christmas tree, huddle around and snap our "Holiday Picture."  (wink wink)  To our dismay, Santa had hijacked the large tree in the middle of the mall for his own picture factory and elf party.  We instead went to Nordstrom and posed with their mannequins.

Such a photogenic group and my ploy to get them unsuspectingly into the mall had worked.  What followed was a reading of the first edition of 'Chaotic Poetry' by Stephanie Lynn.  I actually read this out loud in the middle of the mall, with a glimmer in my eye and a sparkle in my voice, pausing slightly when I got to the loyalty phrase.  An attempt on my part to hold back the tears of pride that overwhelms me, when I think of how much I love and respect these hardworking women.  

Twas nine days before Christmas and all through the mall
people are shopping and having a ball.
Why are we here is the question at hand
is it to look at displays both bright and bland? 

You have worked so hard , through this entire year. 
With only a hug or a thank you and for some a just cold beer.
We have struggled and achieved many a task
Your loyalty and belief was more than I could ever ask. 

Our stockings are hung by your chimney with care, 
In hopes that St. Nick would certainly get there.
While visions for some will be beaches and sunshine
Fun on the boat, swimming and fancy clothes to dine. 

Today has some rules, and let me tell you they matter. 
I am sure that this team will rise with a clatter. 

Rule number one, it is all about you. 
Rule number two, it is not time to be a shrew. 
Rule number three begins the show
open your envelope and count your dough.

You have but 60 minutes to spend this loot
if you don’t I get it back... with interest to boot! 

Good luck on your shopping please remember the rules
spend only on you... please not any tools. 

Last thing that I ask before you begin this adventure today
You need to bring pictures of the purchases in play.
Document your journey for all to see 
and a very Merry Christmas for YOU.... from me. 

When they opened their highly decorated envelope, they found 4 crisp 100$ bills and the task of spending it all on themselves in ONE HOUR!  What followed was mayhem…hugs and surprise, smiles and laughter.  Each had a difficult time honing in on what would be the best purchase.  One went right for the shoes, three pair and they were done in 37 minutes with time to spare.   At that same moment, one manager had bought nothing and with 23 minutes left, almost found herself sitting down in the middle of Nordstrom on the verge of Hari Kari.   The next text read for an additional 15 minutes, please forward a picture of something you bought.  LOL the pics were great.   


In true Sweet Spot® Skirt spirit, the team came to the help of those struggling with the task!  We were victorious and everyone had a blast.

"I have never and I mean never owned a pair of diamonds!"  
~ she bought herself diamond earrings!

"I can run a three day event, sleep only 4 hours a night, stay on top of countless tasks…. but when it comes to spending $400…that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do! "
~but she did it!

During show and tell, one manager pulled out her new Michael Kors purse as her body shivered with excitement.  Hands were shaking as the deadline was completed but the rush of adrenaline was still flowing.  Our "Sweet Spot way" can sometimes be a bit chaotic, this activity did not disappoint.  It was pure pandemonium, super fun, overwhelmingly emotional and yet each manager completed it, thrilled with their extravagant purchases.  This was the best gift that I have ever given and one of the reasons I wanted to own my own company….so I can do things like this.   Just wait, what happens if I ever have "BIG" money!  LOL 

Part two was much more calm.  We went to Papa Hayden's in Northwest Portland OR, for a yummy dessert and tea.  Each manager received a thank you poem for their hard work and efforts over the last year.  I share these with you all, so that you can join me in celebration and admiration of the Sweet Spot®Skirt management team.  We are family.  Family is so important to me.  

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
You are the best store manager 
Oh it is so true.

Your favorite skirt is orange
with pumpkins and candy
Thank goodness Halloween 
comes only once that’s dandy! 

Your attitude is cheery 
and smile so bright. 
Ready for anything 
day or night! 

Thank you for all
the fun things you do. 
The store looks great
Even with so many skirts on your plate?

This season we celebrate
one child’s great birth.
Merry Christmas to you

From Heaven to earth. 

Roses are Red
Your skirt is blue
From shipping to accounting 
You stick to it like glue.
Wonder Woman by day
wonder Mom by night
Keeping it all together 
with a face so bright.

Sewing, packing 
or finding the tracking
Your versatile skills are amazing
Firing through tasks with your heels a blazing. 

We love your notes 
even with out the fluff
You get things done
and are oh so tough! 

On this day there is nothing to do
Just enjoy a Merry Christmas 
and know how much I appreciate you! 

 Roses are Red
Your car is Green
Smart and talented 
and ever so keen.

A traveling partner,
with ideas that are fun
you even slow down
when you make me run! 

Marketing Director 
is your job title
Your role to this company 
is lifeline vital. 

Even though we miss 
having you in the store. 
Seattle is a fun town
which we all know you adore. 

with many thanks and love
My wish for you
to have a Merry Merry Christmas
and maybe a cold brew!  

Poinsettias are Red
Snowflakes are white
You love your job
and your future is bright

From jackets to skirts
panties and more
You were running 
the minute your feet hit the floor. 

Creativity and calm 
is what you bring to the table
Inventory is your talent
and you are willing and able. 

Thank you for joining 
our fabulous team
You help us to complete
our Sweet Spot Dream

I can’t help but say twice
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
You are wonderful and nice! 

Happy Holidays from Sweet Spot® Skirts!
"We love smiling!" 
Much love and Happiness in 2014, 
thank you for your support! 
~Stephanie Lynn

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cold Weather Hiking

A quick jaunt up Multnomah Falls on a beautiful sunny day admist gorgeous ice creatures brings the need for warm gear.  Loving the new Trail Scarf decorating my neck, while providing warmth and wind protection.  The sunglasses held tight to my head without giving me a headache or indenting my skull.   With super warm tights, I threw on a Sweet Spot Skirt for just the right amount of 'flirtyness' for hiking!  My dog Bella loves the outdoors and enjoyed the hike using a few moves that would leave ice skaters amazed.  We made it about 4.5 miles round trip, until the patchy skating rinks forced us to turn back to safer ground.  Even in the bitter cold this hike was worth it.
Such a beautiful day and branches were heavy under the weight of the ice.  

Trail Scarf, Sunglasses and SSS Beanie!

Just the right amount of flirty and practical.

Frozen falls are incredible.

Multnomah Falls Frozen!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Our Models at the Couve Couture debuting the Skirt Wars skirts

Here at Sweet Spot® Skirts, each of us in the "Fabulous Five" wear numerous hats on a daily basis.  We are used to helping each other out and getting things done (even if it's something we've never done before!)  In an attempt for each manager to learn the entire process from skirt conception to final production, we created SKIRT WARS!  Oh, and do we need to mention that we love to have fun while we're working?

Each manager has gone through a diligent process including sourcing and selecting material, cost analysis, organizing production with our sew-at-home seamstresses and marketing ideas.  The different departments have assisted when needed.  Each person has been very forthcoming with assistance, while still maintaining a healthy level of competition.  The skirts that each of us has created are available as a limited run and we're thinking you're going to love them!

Some of the ways for us to win (i.e. we need YOUR help!):

The skirt with the most likes/votes (Facebook album coming soon, please like and share your favorites!  Visit our Instagram and Pinterest pages, as liking these photos count too!)
The skirt that sells the best will also win in a category!

Stay tuned for blog entries of why we each think our skirt is the best, and why we picked what we did!
More info to come...

Let the Skirt War begin!  Thanks for your participation,
The Sweet Spot® Skirts Team