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Monday, April 6, 2015

Seamer Skirt Wars- Pam

Help Pam win Skirt Wars!

The Sweet Spot Skirts team seamstresses each designed 2 skirts to compete for Skirt Wars. They used their creativity to design and name their skirts, becoming involved in the business process of conception to marketing and sales. Each skirt is limited edition. There are a few criteria to help decide which seamstress wins Skirt Wars:  the skirt with the most sales, the quickest skirt to sell out, and the skirt with the most votes on Facebook. Shop Pam's athletic skirts

About Pam:

I grew up in the pacific northwest, married my high school sweetheart, and raised 3 wonderful kids. I am a self taught seamstress spending hours behind my machine. Two years ago I began contract work for Sweet Spots in my home. I enjoy my weekly visits to the shop and getting to know everyone. When I was asked to work at our flagship store there was no question, I was there.

Pam's Skirts:

Flower FiestaAdd some color to your life with our new skirt! "flower fiesta" will have you fantasizing about a beautiful floral celebration while on your long rejuvenating walk.

ZenTake a deep breath, exhale, and relax on our new "Zen" skirt. It is bound to bring relaxation, calm, and peace to your meditative walk.

1 comment:

  1. I think I like Pam's skirt the most, because I enjoy the outdoors so much. That's really impressive how you were self taught as a seamer. I imagine that a lot of hours had to be put in to be able to work for a skirt shop. My wife is slowly learning how to make simple clothing designs for our young children. Maybe she'll make a skirt next.