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Monday, April 6, 2015

Seamer Skirt Wars- Tina

Help Tina win Skirt Wars!

The Sweet Spot Skirts team seamstresses each designed 2 skirts to compete for Skirt Wars. They used their creativity to design and name their skirts, becoming involved in the business process of conception to marketing and sales. Each skirt is limited edition. There are a few criteria to help decide which seamstress wins Skirt Wars:  the skirt with the most sales, the quickest skirt to sell out, and the skirt with the most votes on Facebook. Shop Tina's athletic skirts

About Tina:
I am so thankful to work at Sweet Spot Skirts as a Seamstress making these fabulous skirts! My mother taught me to sew when I was 8 years old and I have taught my own daughter to sew as well. I mainly sew crafts and quilts in my free time but love working in the retail business and being a part of this wonderful small business and watching it grow.
The fabric I have chosen for my skirts reflects two things that I am passionate about; Hierloom depicts my love for vintage and antiques with lace and roses for a more classy look and Plum Paisley depicts the deep, rich colors of Fall, my favorite season. I hope you enjoy my choices as much as I do!

Tina's Skirts:

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