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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Name the Sweet Spot® Skirts Car

We just bought a "new to us" car, wrapped it and put it on the road.  Now we need help naming this cute little girl.  
Here is the story on how we acquired the little Smart car, just in case it matters when choosing a name.  

Meet my friend George!  He is the owner of Yellowstone Valley Brewing in Billing MT.

He decided to sell his car to Sweet Spot® Skirts.   George was sad, but once I wiped his tears away he was ok.  LOL

Debby (one of our fabulous seamers) flew out with me to Billings,  MT to pick up the car and drive it back.  What fun such a great journey and Debby is a fantastic road tripper.  

Meet Debby!  We wore our babushka's to keep the wind from wrecking out hair.  YSAG!  **stands for You're Such A Girl.  LOL our new saying here at Sweet Spot® Skirts.
You can see the transformation in the pictures below.
When we first parked the car at the ranch in Roberts, MT everybody laughed at it.  #samesizeastheATV
Debby rode a horse for the first time in her life.  The horse is about the same size as the car.  
We had some issues learning to park.  LOL 

 Bella loves the convertible!  #sweetspotskirtsdog  #wannarun #canihaveaskirt
Now for the transformation photos. 

Now the big Question:  What do we name her?


  1. I think since she came from Yellowstone Valley, she should be called Valley Girl! YSAG!

  2. ferget 'bout the name game....I wanna drive her! #meep-meep