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Monday, October 26, 2015

Road Trippin' with my Sweet Spot® Skirt

Have you ever gone on a road trip where you had a set destination but no designated route or definite stopping places along the way? I just got home from a road trip of this sort, and it was a blast! If you’ve never taken this kind of road trip, I highly recommend it! I took this trip with my aunt, who also happens to be one of my best friends, and our final destination was the “Something Wicked This Way Comes” Letterboxing event in Reno, NV. Even though it’s only a 9 hour drive from Salem, OR (where I live) to Reno, we left two full days before our event to make sure we had plenty of time for craft store stops and letterboxing along the way. So we left Salem on a Thursday morning and finally arrived at our hotel in Reno at about 10:30 Friday night!

The letterbox event we attended was Halloween themed, with an emphasis on zombies, witches and ghosts, so I decided to wear my new Red Cauldron athletic skirt by Sweet Spot® Skirts, because it has a great zombie-ish feel to it. (I especially love the troll leg umbrella stands in the print!)  My Sweet Spot® Skirt was a perfect choice for this event; not only did I fit right in with the other zombies there, I felt comfortable and unrestricted enough to easily transition from hiking the trails to bushwhacking through the undergrowth. The event was a huge success! We had an awesome time out on the trails, meeting other letterboxers and decoding clues. Some of the highlights from the event include my aunt and me doing the Thriller Dance for the sheriff from The Walking Dead (thankfully no one got that on video!), watching Harry Potter and one of the Ghostbusters engage in a multi-fandom duel, and getting “slimed” by Slimer! Like I said, we had an AWESOME time!
 Sweet Spot® Skirt production manager, Dianna and Slimer

When the event was over, we headed up the mountain to spend the evening in Virginia City, where we did some more boxing in an old cemetery, and had our pictures taken at the famous Bucket Of Blood Saloon (again, my Red Cauldron athletic skirt by Sweet Spot® Skirts fit the theme!)

Just like we allowed ourselves two full days to make the 9 hour drive to Reno, we allowed ourselves extra time to make the drive home, so that we would be able to make some stops and do some exploring along the way. By the last day of our trip, my suitcase pickin’s were getting kind of slim, so I decided to flip my skirt around and take it for a second spin! Oh the beauty of the reversible skirt!!  We made a stop in the Lassen National Forest in California for a little spelunking at Subway Cave and Lava Tubes. The cave was a lot of fun, and my skirt kept me warm enough in the subterranean chill (46 degrees year round!), but maybe next time we’ll think to bring a flashlight! The flashlight app on my aunt’s iPhone was ok, but about the time we reached the middle point, Lucifer’s Cul-de-Sac, we started worrying about the cell phone’s battery life!
Spelunking the Subway Cave and Lava Tubes

What an adventure! From letterboxing to cave exploration; midnight crafting to early morning Starbucks runs, we had an amazing time. I can’t wait to start planning our next road trip…

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