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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Twelve of My Best Years

The last picture of mother and daughter before she died.  

Sharon Lee Parker was a fabulous mom, outstanding teacher and caring wife.  She endured losing her hair, removal of both breasts and horrible chemotherapy.  All while planning care for her 12 year old daughter as her imminent death loomed.  The fight with cancer ended her life way to early.  Cancer treatments in 1976 were primitive and archaic, even the best doctors didn’t have many answers.  Over the last 39 years we have raised awareness for self breast exams and pushed for early detection with state of the art mammography.   It has been a rough 39 years without my mother, but it has made me strong and she would be proud.  
Sharon (1946) on the left and Stephanie (1972) on the right.
Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

Mother had style and great glasses!

I have always been a biker.  This photo was taken with my fabulous Shawn Cassidy hairdo, my favorite bike and my dog Ginger.   My mother got sick with cancer in 1974 the year this picture was taken. 

Not sure the year, but my mom was a happy girl!

Both mom and daughter have blue jean style just their own.

Not that I love this picture of my mother, but I have the same haircut at 5 years old.
Plus, the dress she is sporting is fabulous.  #everythingisbetterwithabow

Same outfit just change the glasses.  My motto... is same outfit just change the SKIRT!

This is the most beautiful picture of my mom.  January of 1964.  I was born in September 1964
so chances are good that I am also in this picture.

I want to use the Sweet Spot® Skirts platform to help fight this ugly battle against cancer.  Lifestyle changes make a big difference.  If you get out and exercise, control your diet, limit your alcohol intake and choose not to smoke your chances of getting cancer are greatly reduced.   You don’t have to run a marathon, climb a mountain or complete an Ironman...just a simple 30 minute brisk walk would be a great start.   Get an accountability buddy and get moving.  We hear stories all year from our skirt family about how they have started this journey to become healthier.  Let’s celebrate those women!   If just one person reads this and decides to start one of the lifestyle changes listed above, I will have done my job in honoring my mother.  
Life is short, make it count! 
This blog is for you Sharon Lee Parker, you left a legacy in your little daughter and I know you would be proud.  
ps.  If you know of a woman struggling with breast cancer, we can honor them and bring a bit of Sweet Spot comfort to their lives.   Here is an example of the "Sweet Shenna" program.  http://sweetspotskirts.blogspot.com/2015/02/sweet-shenna-quilt-lovingly-presented.html

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