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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Skirt Wars- Nicole's "Camellia" Sweet Spot Skirt

 Read about the friendly competition amongst our staff:  Skirt Wars.

"My name is Nicole and I'm the Junior Designer! My skirt Camellia is covered in fancy florals and gold metallic flakes. It's a fashion-forward, feminine skirt that is dressy and eye-catching. The fabric caught my eye because I used to be a serious ballet dancer and the peach blossoms are the color of ballet slippers! Camellia should win Skirt Wars because its the best!"  Find Camellia here.
Camellia Front

Camellia Reverse
Read about the other competing athletic skirts in our blog.  Vote for your favorite skirt by "Liking" it in the Facebook album "Skirt Wars."

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