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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Skirt Wars- Stephanie's "Bad A$$ Black" Sweet Spot Skirt

Read about the friendly competition amongst our staff:  Skirt Wars.

"Since the inception of the company, I have had women who will only wear black workout clothes come and ask for a black skirt.  Hip hapnyn has a black second side… with our number one first side of Black, Red and White.  Still they pleaded with me at events, in the store and online to make an all black skirt.  

Safety is important to me and when you are wearing a skirt, women look at it and say to themselves, "Wow how cute I want to look like that in a skirt"…. Men see a skirt and crank their head sideways with an approving grin and say,  "skirt!!!"  Either way if you are biking or running everyone is seeing you and hopefully the bright colors provide you with added safety.  

If you look at the world of athletic skirts, everyone has a black skirt on the market.  I wanted us to be different.  :) Well, three years into this adventure and after hundreds of suggestions…. I gave in and created Bad A$$ Black.  Just like the fun colored patterns on the pockets and linings of jeans, I added a one color panel on the inside of the skirt.  You can wear it reversed for a splash of cover on your backside.  It will be a limited print for now.  I have to see how popular it is in skirt wars.  One thing about black….keep your lint brush handy!  lol 

This very black skirt does have a secondary ability to make you feel bad a$$ while you are working out, running, biking, or just strolling around town!  I may add one simple colored snap just to break up all the black… i guess we will have to wait and see!  :)

Please buy my skirt….it is black!"  

- Stephanie, Owner of Sweet Spot Skirts
Find "Bad A$$ Black" here.
Bad A$$ Black Front

Bad A$$ Reverse

Bad A$$ Reverse, Back Side
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